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Page 7: Sarg 17-18

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Sarg 17-Vinheeshan Defects Raavan, Raam Asks Advice on Accepting Him

After saying this, Vibheeshan came to Raam and Lakshman in one Muhoort time. Sitting on the ground, Vaanar saw graceful Vibheeshan coming towards them. They saw four more Raakshas also coming with him. They were all wearing armor and jewelry, and were carrying weapons. Seeing them coming Sugreev thought for a moment and said - "Look, these Raakshas are coming to kill us." Immediately Vaanar picked rocks, Saal trees and asked Sugreev to permit them to kill those Raakshas.

They were all talking like this, that Vibheeshan stopped in the sky, on the north shore of the sea and said loudly - "King of Raakshas Raavan is very wicked. I am his younger brother Vibheeshan. Raavan has abducted Seeataa from Janasthaan killing Jataayu. Now Raakshas women guard Her all the time. I explained him several times, in various ways to return Seetaa to Raam, but under the spell of Kaal he didn't to listen to me, as a dying person doesn't accept the medicine. He has insulted me considering me as a slave and said very harsh words, that is why I have come to Raam leaving my wife and sons. Tell kind Raam that Vibheeshan has come into His shelter."

Sugreev immediately said to Raam - "One Raakshas from enemy's army has come here suddenly. Lest he kills us when he finds time. So Hey Parantap, You should be careful about the consultation regarding enemy's army, policies and messengers. These Raakshas are very good at working secretly by taking any form they want, therefore they should never be trusted.

I am sure he must be Raavan's secret agent and he has come here to divide us. Or maybe he kills us after gaining our confidence. He is Raakshas by birth, and is brother of our enemy, and has come himself, how can we trust him? He is Vibheeshan, younger brother of Raavan. he has come along with four Raakshas. In my opinion, he should be punished."

Ram said to Hanumaan etc Vaanar - "You heard Sugreev about Vibheeshan. Any intelligent who wishes for continuous good for his friends must counsel him properly. So any ideas about this?" On asking thus many Vaanar spoke their minds to Raam - "Hey Raam, There is nothing that you don't know in Tri-Lok. You are asking only to give us the appreciation. Therefore your ministers should advice you logically one by one."

Then Raam asked Angad to test Vibheeshan. Angad said - "Since Vibheeshan has come to enemy, that is why he is doubtful. He cannot be trusted without giving a good amount of thoughts. Evil men go hiding themselves and hit on the first opportunity they get; which is very harmful. One should start a work only after thinking about its good and bad aspects. If it results in good then it should be done, otherwise it should be abandoned. If it results in many bad aspects, then there is no need even to think over it. It just must not be done. And if it results in many good aspects, it must be done."

Then Sharabh spoke - "A secret agent may be appointed to keep an eye on him. he should be accepted only after being tested by an intelligent person."

Then Jaambvaan said something according to Shaastra - "He has come from our enemy Raavan very untimely and at a displaced place, so he is doubtful."

Then Mayand said - "This Vibheeshan is the younger brother of the same Raavan [who has abducted Seetaa], that is why he should be questioned softly and then only confirming that 'he is a good man or a bad man', he should be treated accordingly."

Then spoke Hanumaan - "Whatever I am saying to you, neither it is to show my logic, nor to show my equality to anybody, nor to show my superiority to anybody, and nor for any desire. I am saying only to respect your orders. Whatever all these ministers have said to you, I see some good and some bad points in them. About appointing a secret agent - I don't see its need because he has no foreign element in him. About coming untimely and at a displaced place - he has come to see you after considering the present condition of his own country. Seeing Raavan's wickedness and your powers he took a right step. Now about asking questions - if you ask questions suddenly then anybody can be proved doubtful; and if he knows the questioner's situation then it can hurt his friendship also. Therefore asking questions is useless.

Secondly, it is very difficult to know the inner feelings immediately. Whoever can know the inner feelings from other's tone, they are indeed intelligent. Since he is happy, I don't see any doubt in him. If he had been wicked then he would not have come here happily without any hitch. I am not doubtful about his words. he has come here considering your greatness, your industriousness, your justice [killing of Baali and coronation of Sugreev], maybe with the desire of getting kingdom too. Therefore it seems all right to me to accept him."

Sarg 18-Raam Accepts Vibheeshan

Raam got very pleased to hear Hanumaan's ideas. He said - "I also have the same ideas about this so you should listen to. I cannot leave Vibheeshan because he has come to me with friendly feelings. Even though he is at fault then also it is not good to leave him as he has come to my shelter." Sugreev said - "Whether he is a good man or a bad man, first he is a Raakshas. He has left his own brother in these bad times, then he can leave anybody."

Raam said - "Whatever Sugreev has said nobody can say it without reading Shaastra and without serving elders. When Vibheeshan has come here leaving his brother, there must be some reason behind it. Enemy and his relatives attack in troubled situations while clear mind people consider their people their well-wishers, but kings doubt such people.

Whatever harm you have said about accepting a person from enemy's camp, I want to say something about it which is according to Shaastra. Neither we are of his family, nor we are his close, and he desires the kingdom that is why he should have clean mind, and that is why we should accept him. He will be here fearless and happy. Vibheeshan's coming here indicates the fear among Raakshas. All brothers are not like Bharat. A father's all sons are not like me and all friends are not like you."

Sugreev got up and said - "I feel right to punish him considering him Raavan's messenger. He has come here to attack us by the order of Raavan, or maybe, he intends to attack Lakshman, that is why Raavan's brother Vibheeshan should be killed along with his brothers." Raam again said - "Whether this Raakshas is wicked or a good man, can he harm even a little? If I wish I can kill all Raakshas and Yaksh from the front point of my finger. It is heard that a pigeon worshipped his enemy and satisfied him with his own flesh with justice. So Hey Sugreev, When a pigeon can behave with a bird-killer who came to catch its wife like this, I am an human being, I must follow this Dharm.

Kanv Rishi's son Rishi Kandu has told this religious story, Listen to it. Hey Parantap, You must not kill even the cruelest enemy who has come to you to ask your shelter. Whether enemy is sad, or proud; a clear-minded man must protect him, even in return of his own life. If somebody does not protect his enemy, either with any desire, or fear, or ignorance, then he is a subject of defame in the world. When enemy gets destroyed, he takes the protector's all Punya with him. There is a great sin in not protecting the person who comes in shelter, it lets you fall from the Swarg, brings defame and destroys the power and strength. I will make him fearless whoever will come to me saying, "I am yours", this is my vow. So Hey Sugreev, Go and bring him here. I have made him fearless whether he is Sugreev or Raavan."

Sugreev said - "No wonder, Only you can behave in such a way. May he be our friend." and went to bring Vibheeshan.













This word has been used for Arjun also





Three worlds, Bhoo Lok, Swarg Lok and Paataal Lok



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