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Page 29: Sarg 71-73

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Sarg 71-Lakshman Kills Atikaaya

When Atikaaya saw his brothers, Mahodar and Mahaapaarshwa, got killed, he got very angry, he rode on a chariot and went to the battlefield. He immediately started killing Vaanar. Atikaaya had a huge body, a horrible look and a boon from Brahmaa, so Vaanar thought maybe Kumbhkarn has come again so they started hiding here and there, some went to Raam for their protection. His form resembled to Tri-Vikram (Vaaman Avataar of Vishnu).

Raam asked Vibheeshan for his introduction. Vibheeshan said - "He is the son of Raavan's younger brother and is as mighty as his father. He has got many weapons through the worship of Brahmaa. He cannot be killed by Devtaa, Gandharv, Asur etc. He has defeated Devtaa several times to protect Raakshas. Therefore you kill him soon, because he may kill our lots of soldiers."

Hearing this, Kumud, Neel, Dwivid, Mayand, Sharabh etc chief Vaanar attacked Atikaaya together with trees, but he cut all trees by his arrows. Frightening the Vaanar army with his arrows, Atikaaya came to Raam and said - "I don't like to fight with ordinary people, so whosoever has the might in your army, may come and fight with me." 

Hearing this Lakshman got up and made sound of His bow. Atikaay trembled with fear, still he said to Lakshman - "You are still a child, how will you be able to tolerate my arrows, because even Himvaan Parvat is unable to tolerate my arrows? My serpent-like arrow will drink your blood." Lakshman said- "You don't talk to me like this. I am standing before you, you show your might and after that I will kill you. Consider me as your Kaal (death) in the form of a child."

So Atikaaya picked his bow and shot an arrow at Lakshman. Devtaa and Gandharv etc were standing to see this fight. Lakshman failed his arrow by His arrow. Then Atikaaya attacked Lakshman with five arrows but Lakshman again failed them. But this time Lakshman shot a sharp arrow at Atikaaya.

That arrow pierced his head, entered his body like a snake. He spitted blood, but shot seven arrows at Lakshman. Lakshman failed his these arrows too. Atikaaya then shot a sharp arrow at Lakshman's chest. He bled but still he shot an Agni Vaan (Fire Arrow) at Atikaaya. Atikaaya also shot an arrow and both arrows crossed each other and got destroyed. Then Atikaaya shot Twaashtra arrow at Lakshman. Lakshman failed it by his Ainu-Shastra. In the same way Atikaaya also failed Lakshman's arrows. In spite of showering arrows on Atikaaya, he neither got afraid, nor his armor broke.

Seeing this Vaayu Dev came and said to Lakshman - "Hey Lakshman, He has got the Var from Brahmaa, so you kill him with Brahmaastra." Hearing this Lakshman used Brahmaastra on Atikaaya. Aakaash and Prithvi trembled. Atikaaya tried to stop it, but he could not stop it. Brahmaastra cut his head and he died. Remaining army ran away to Lankaa. 

Sarg 72-Raavan Gets Sad at His Sons' Death

When Raavan heard about the killing of Atikaaya, he got extremely furious, he said - "Whoever my sons were not defeated even by Indra in fight, they were killed by Raam in this battlefield. And many other Raakshas were also killed along with them. But I am surprised at this that Indrajeet tied Raam and Lakshman with Naag Paash which could not be untied even by Devtaa, how could they untie it? Whoever Raakshas I sent to battlefield, only Vaanar could kill them? Now I don't see any other mighty warrior who can kill Raam and Lakshman and let Sugreev and Vibheeshan down. Raam is limitlessly mighty. He is very skilled in weaponry too. This is the reason that Raakshas have not been able to kill Him."

Then he said to Raakshas - "Go and protect the city from all around and take special care of Ashok Vaatikaa where Seetaa is staying. You must be aware of the people as who comes to and goes from there. Keep vigilance on Vaanar as what do they do at about what time?" Saying thus and remembering his sons he went to his palace.

Sarg 73-Meghnaad Makes Raam and Lakshman Unconscious

Raavan cried a lot for his sons. Seeing this, his brave mighty son Indrajeet said - "Father, Please don't cry like this while I am alive. You will see Raam and Lakshman dead only today. You should take my words as true." Saying thus, he proceeded towards the battlefield riding in his chariot driven by donkeys. He had his weapon with him. He did Havan to get victory. He did his weapons Abhimantrit. Seeing this Soorya and Chandramaa got frightened.

He came to the battlefield and started killing Vaanar. Although Vaanar were fighting with courage, still they couldn't tolerate Indrajeet's attack. Indrajeet shot seven arrows at Mayand and Gaj and wounded them. He shot 30 arrows at Jaambvaan and Neel. Thus he was hurting Vaanar in several ways.

After that Indrajeet showered arrows on Vaanar. He confused the minds of Vaanar through his Maayaa so they started shouting. Whoever Vaanar looked at the sky, Indrajeet pierced his eye, so they all fell down on the ground. Then he started showering arrows on Raam and Lakshman too keeping himself invisible.

Raam took his arrows as useless and said to Lakshman - "This Raakshas made our army laid down on the ground and since he had got the Var from Brahmaa to be invisible, he is hurting us too. How can we kill him when we cannot see him? He has Shiv Jee's weapon too. Keep your spirits up and do not care about his arrows. Because if we lay down then he will consider himself as winner and go to Lankaa." So they both got wounded. Indrajeet got very happy to see them wounded. He went back to Lankaa making loud sounds and told his story to his father.



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