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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 15:  Sarg 39-42

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Sarg 39-Maareech Advises Further..

Maareech further said - "Hey Raavan, Raam did not consider proper to kill me at that time, but I tell you a very interesting story of recent time. At one time I went to Dandak Van with two Raakshas in the form of  Mrig (deer). At that time I had long teeth and sharp horns. I was thirsty to drink blood, so I also wandered with them with the purpose to eat something.

We frightened the Rishi Muni living there, killed several of them and ate their flesh and came to Raam's place. In ignorance I forgot that He does good to all. I ran on Him with my sharp horns considering Him as an ordinary Tapaswee. I did not think any other thing at all, but I remembered  His previous attack, so I attacked on Him with my sharp horns.

He shot three arrows at me. All the three arrows came to us together. I saved my life by running away from there, but the other two were killed by them. Hey Raavan, From that day only, I abandoned my bad actions and started practicing Yog. I always see Him as Yam Raaj, and not only once, I see Him thousand times a day and night. I see Him even when I sleep, in dreams and when I wake up then I see Him in person."

Therefore Hey Raavan, I know His powers very well, that is why I advise you not to fight with Him. He can kill any one, Emperor Bali or Namuchi. You may wage a war gains Him or pardon Him, but do not talk to me about Him if you want to see me alive. Whatever you think appropriate, do it. [You can see it yourself that] When on Shoorpankhaa's request, Khar and Dooshan attacked Him, He killed them both. What was the fault of Raam in this? Whatever I am saying to you, it is for the good of you and other Raakshas."

Sarg 40-Raavan Tells Maareech His Plan

Raavan didn't pay any attention to Maareech's advice, rather he said harsh words to him under the spell of Kaal - "O black spot on family, Maareech, I don't like your advice. Who came to forest only on Kaileyee's order leaving His parents and kingdom, who killed my brother Khar, I will surely fight with Him, I will surely abduct His wife Seetaa who is dearer to Him more than His life. This is my firm decision, nobody can change it. If I had asked you about the result of the war, then you would have advised me like this, because intelligent ministers advise only on asking and that also in sweet polite words. 

Raajaa do not get pleased with that advice which is educative and also in harsh words. Raajaa is a respectable figure. Your words are not respectful. Hey Maareech, one must respect Raajaa always and please him by worshipping him. You don't know even your minister's duties, that is why you have behaved in this way.

I want only your help and you have to do this to help me. So you change yourself into a beautiful Mrig (deer) and wander around their Aashram. When Seetaa will see you, She will surely be surprised to see such a Mrig and ask Raam to bring it. You take Him far from the Aashram and call "Haa Seete, Haa Lakshman" mimicking Raam's voice loudly. Hearing this by the wish of Seetaa and love of brother, Lakshman will surely go to see Him [as why did He call like this, maybe He is in trouble]. And in their absence, I will abduct Her.

Now you get going, change into a beautiful Mrig, I wish to follow you up o Dandak Van. Thus Seetaa can be got without much problem and I wish to go to Lankaa along with you. If you did not obey me, I will kill you here and now. Nobody can live happily opposing Raajaa. If you go to Raam, your life may be indefinitely [long], but if you do not go then your death is definite. Therefore you think carefully and decide yourself."

Sarg 41-Maareech Advises Again 

Hearing all this Maareech got very angry and said - "Who is that wicked who has suggested you this way of your destruction? This is very clear that you will be destroyed if you confront the mightiest one. Your ministers should be sentenced to death if they do not stop you from adopting a wrong way, A king must be restrained to take the path of self-destruction then aren't they stopping you? All Dharm, prosperity, and pleasures and fame of ministers are from their Raajaa. Therefore the Raajaa must be protected at all times.

A Kingdom cannot be ruled for long by immorality, hostility, and perilous nature. If ministers do not advise him properly, they also bear the same results as Raajaa, as the chariot riders suffer for their foolish Saarathee's (charioteer's) decisions. That is why it seems that it is because of you only all Raakshas will be killed, O Raavan. [You have conquered the Swarg, but you have not conquered your Indriyaan].

I will also suffer for your sins. I am not worried about myself, but I am sorry for you and your army. I am happy that, I will be killed by Raam's arrow, with my enemy's arrow not by my own person's arrow but this is also certain that after the abduction of Seetaa you will also die and your Lankaa will be without Raakshas. I am warning you repeatedly, but you are not listening to me."

Sarg 42-Maareech Attracts Seetaa in the Form of a Maayaa Mrig

Although Maareech said all this curtly, he again requested Raavan - "I will go for the fear of Raavan. But if Raam cast even a glance at me with anger, I will die, because nobody can win Him and this is also certain that both of us will be killed by Him. [I don't know] What I can do, your sin is carrying you there, so let us go. If I can do anything good to you it is good." Raavan got happy to hear this. He hugged him and said - "Now you are showing your bravery and you look like Maareech. Come and sit on this chariot with me. You may come back after attracting Seetaa, I will definitely bring Seetaa." [see Raavan's Mind here]

Maareech said "All right" and they both went to Dandak Van in Raavan's chariot. When they arrived in Dandak Van, Raavan showed him Raam's Aashram holding his hand saying, "This is Raam's Aashram which is under the shade of banana trees. Now you may go soon and do your job for which we have come here."

Maareech changed his form into a beautiful Maayaavee Mrig and started wandering in front of Raam's Aashram. His horns tips were sapphire blue and his face had black and white spots. One of his cheeks was of reddish lotus color while the other one was of bluish lotus color. His ears were like large bloomed blue lotuses. His stomach was also blue. His one side was white like Mahuaa flower, and the other was like lotus flower bud. his hooves were of lapis gem color. He looked gorgeous.

He was very attractive and splendid in all respects. To attract Seetaa he used to graze on tender green grass grown in front of the Aashram. Reaching near Seetaa's Aashram he started wandering at a slow pace so that Seetaa could see him. He was playfully wandering around. When other Mrig came there, they smelling him as a Maayaavee Mrig soon ran away from him. Maareech did not kill them because he had to hide himself.

At the same time Seetaa came plucking flowers close to mango and Ashok trees and got attracted to that Maayaa Mrig. Seeing Seetaa looking at him that Maayaa Mrig started jumping more. Seetaa got surprised to see that kind of Mrig.









Raam never shoots an arrow at the back of a soldier. Although He killed Baali hiding behind a tree, still He shot the arrow at his chest. So when Maareech ran away his back was towards Raam, that is why Raam's arrows didn't hit him.











































Here animal's power is shown greater than humans in recognizing a natural and a Maayaavee Mrig.


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