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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 13:  Sarg 32-34

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Sarg 32-Introduction of Raavan

When Shoorpankhaa found Khar, Dooshan and their 14,000 Raakshas army killed by lone Raam. she cried and went to Lankaa crying. At that time her brother, Raavan, was sitting on his gold throne. He was glowing like a fire. He was sitting among his ministers as Indra sits among Marud Gan. [He had already won Devtaa, Gandharv, Braahman etc. So all offerings offered to Indra and other Devtaa belonged to him, and other offerings were hindered by his people, that was the main problem om all celestials and Braahman.]. He has got this position after many fights and getting many bruises on his body. He has been assaulted by Vishnu's Chakra many times in wars.

He had 10 heads and 20 arms. He had very best jewelry on his body and he had all the signs of being Raajarshi. He had defeated Naag Vaasuki of Bhogvatee Nagaree, He had abducted the wife of Takshak Naag. He snatched away Pushpak Vimaan of Kuber, He had destroyed his Chitrarath garden and Nandan Van of Indra with envy. and he had defeated Kuber too. He used to destroy Yagya of Braahman, [not by himself because he didn't anybody else to get better boons than his and thus kill those Braahman who dare to conduct rituals to Indra and other deities - of course not by by himself because he himself was a braahman and was a disciple of a Braahman]  

He did Tapasyaa for Shiv Jee for 10,000 years, and offered his heads to him several times. He got the Var from Shiv Jee not to be killed by any Devtaa, Gandharv, Daanav, Pishaach, birds, snakes, but he didn't mention about human being because he was not afraid of them. Shoorpankhaa saw such Raavan sitting on the throne. She went to him crying and said.

Sarg 33-Shoorpankhaa Complains to Raavan 

Shoorpankhaa said wailing - "You are still enjoying here and although you can observe but still you are not observing. Who cling to earthly pleasures are not honored by people like crematory fire. Hey Raavan, Whoever Raajaa doesn't care for his publicin person and in time his kingdom is ruined soon, and he soon gets destroyed. In whose kingdom Raajaa's detectives do not work, or who does not see his public on a regular basis, he is also destroyed soon. [Shoorpankhaa knows that Raavan has many spies in his kingdom but she also knows that they are useless, they make some story after the mis-happenings have happened as Akampan did and there may be mutiny in the kingdom later].

Whoever Raajaa does not guard his dependent kingdoms himself, he can never progress. Devtaa and Gandharv are your enemies, your mind is boyish, you are unaware of danger also, then how can you rule your kingdom properly? Those who cannot keep control their spies, treasury and strategies, they they are like an ordinary man among kings. Your ministers are fools. You don't know what is happening in your kingdom, that is why you don't know about the killing of your brothers, nor you know about Janasthaan.

Hey Raavan, Raam alone has killed 14,000 Raakshas army along with Khar and Dooshan. He has made all Rishi fearless by killing them. You don't know about it because you are always busy in fulfilling your desires. Hey Raavan, Whoever Raajaa is angry and proud and considers himself very high and does not listen to public, his own people kill him in his bad times. You have discarded these merits that is why you don't know about the huge killing in Jansthaan through your spies."

Shoorpankhaa described him thus. Hearing his own shortcomings Raavan thought about himself for a while.

Sarg 34-Shoorpankhaa Instigates Raavan

Raavan asked Shoorpankhaa angrily - "Who is this Raam and how mighty He is? Why has He come here in this Dandak forest? Which weapons did He use to kill Khar, Dooshan, Trishiraa and 14,000 Raakshas? You tell me everything correctly. And who has deformed you?"

At this Shoorpankhaa said to Raavan - "He has long arms, big eyes, wears Tapaswee clothes - black deer skin, and He has a round bow-like Chakra (wheel), of rainbow like color and sheen. He showers arrows from it. When He showers arrows, He cannot be seen by anybody. Only those warriors can see Him who are the victims of His arrows. Even I could not see Him using His bow. He killed all 14,000 in one and half Muhoort time and killed Khar also along with Dooshan like a rich reap is destroyed by the hailstorm of Indra. Now He has made all Rishi of Dandak Van fearless and thus your Lankaa is in danger now. He did not consider proper to kill a woman, so He spared me just only by insulting me.

He has a younger brother also like Himself. He is a devotee of Raam. His name is Lakshman. He is the life of Raam. Raam has a beautiful wife named Seetaa who is very beautiful. She also lives in the forest like Lakshman. She loves Her husband very much and always feel delights in the good and benefit of Her husband. She looks like temporal Lakshmee. She has slim waist, curved lips, rosy nails and Her complexion is like refined gold, She is not goddess, nor any Gandharv woman, nor any Yaksh or kinnar. I have not seen any other woman as beautiful as She is. She by Her conduct is good, by Her physique laudable, and by Her aspect unequalled. She should be an appropriate wife for you and you will be the best husband for Her.

I went there to bring that Seetaa here to have Her as your queen, but when I went there Lakshman did this to me. If you want to have Seetaa as your wife, you must go to Dandak Van and defeat Raam in fight. And if you like my idea then bring Seetaa as your queen and take revenge of killing of Raakshas from Raam."






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