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Page 5: Sarg 17-19

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Sarg 17-Devtaa Produce Vaanar

Brahmaa Jee said to Devtaa - "Vishnu is taking Avataar in Mrityu Lok, so you should also go there to help Him in killing Raavan. You can go in the form of monkeys and bears but the children you will produce through Apsaraa, Kinnar, Gandharv and Yaksh women, should have their faces like Vaanar. They will have the speed of air and a great intellect. They will be able to do untiring efforts and knowledgeable in all kinds of missiles. I have already produced a bear named Jaambvaan [even before you] who is very mighty and brave. He appeared suddenly while I was yawning. 

So all Devtaa started producing sons who looked like monkeys. Siddh, Vidyaadhar, Chaaran etc also did the same. Indra produced Baali; Soorya produced Sugreev; Brihaspati produced Taarak; Kuber (Lokpaal) produced Gandhmaadan; Vishwakarmaa (the divine architect) produced Nal; Agni (God of fire) produced Neel; Ashwinee Kumaar (divine Vaidya) produced Mayand and Dwivid two beautiful monkeys in their own appearance; Varun produced Sushen; Parajanya (the God of thunder-clouds) produced Sharabh, and Wind (Vaayu) produced Hanumaan. All these Vaanar were very mighty, brave and courageous and were like their fathers in appearance and might. Some were procreated better than their fathers.

Thus Devtaa produced thousands of Vaanar. Naag species, Apsaraa, Gandharv also produced thousands of Vaanar. They could change their guise and were like tigers in might. They could use stones, their nails and claws and yet were good at missiles. They could rock great mountains, uproot great firm trees, and agitate even the ocean with their strength. In turn these Vaanar also produced other monkeys of their own. They all lived in the guidance of Sugreev and Baali. Many lived in jungle. They all were born to help Raam in killing Raavan. Some thousands of them stayed on Mount Rikshvat, while others lived on other mountains.

Sarg 18-Birth of Raam and Vishwaamitra Comes to Ask for Raam-1

After the Yagya was completed, all Devtaa went to their Lok. King and queens also went to their palaces. All guests who came to attend that Yagya also went back to their countries. Raajaa sent off Shaantaa and Rishyashring Rishi too followed by his friend King Rompaad. Raajaa Dasharath was now waiting for the birth of his sons.

After one year of the Yagya, on Chaitra Maas Navamee (on 9th day of Chaitra month), when Aditi was the ruling star, where the ruling star of the day was Punarvasu, the asterism is in the Ascendant, and when five planets (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus) were at their highest, when Jupiter and Moon were in Cancer, and when day was advancing, Kaushalyaa gave birth to Raam. Kaikeyee gave birth to Bharat who was like Raam; and Sumitraa gave birth to Lakshman and Shatrughn who were experts in all kinds of weaponry. 

Bharat was born in Pushya Nakshatra and Meen (Pisces) Lagn (Ascendant) [on the 10th day]. Lakshman and Shatrughn were born in Aashleshaa Nakshatra and Kark (Cancer) Lagn with Sun in it [the same day at a later time]. The four brothers were like a perfect square - Raam and Lakshman and Bharat and Shatrughn. Immediately the news of birth of the four princes spread like fire in Ayodhyaa. There was a great festivity in the whole Ayodhyaa. Raajaa donated many things on this occasion - gems, cows etc.

Their Naamkarn Sanskaar (see Sanskaar) was performed on 12th day. Vashishth named Kaushalyaa's son as Raam, Kaikeyee's son as Bharat and Sumitraa's sons as Lakshman and Shatrughn (see Names of Raam and Lakshman etc). Many Braahman were fed on that occasion. Many donations suchas gems and cows were given on that occasion. Similar events took place on other ceremonies also, such as Annpraashan, Mudan, Upnayan Sanskaar etc. As the children grew up, Raam became favorite of His father and other people.

He used to be busy in practicing archery, or serving His father; Lakshman, the enhancer of prosperity, was always busy in the service of Raam and Raam also didn't eat or sleep without Lakshman. As Raam loved Lakshman, Bharat loved Shatrughn. Raajaa Dasharath was very happy to see his four sons growing in this way. When they grew up a little more, Raajaa started thinking about their marriage.

One day King's guard came to inform him that Vishwaamitra Jee, son of Gaadhi and from the family of Kushi had come to see him. Dasharath Jee himself got up to welcome him and asked the purpose of his coming after the appropriate hospitality. Vishwaamitra Jee also asked his welfare and he got very happy to hear Dasharath's humble words.

Sarg 19-Vishwaamitra Jee Asks for Raam-2

Pleased with Dasharath Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Let me tell you my problem that why I have come here. Now-a-days I am doing Yagya to attain a spiritual goal and two great Raakshas disturb my Yagya. Maareech and Subaahu drench my altar with blood and meat, so I had to leave that place. I cannot be angry with them and give them Shaap because I am under vow, that is why we have abandoned that Aashram and I have come to you so that we can complete our Yagya process. So please, send your eldest son Raam whose hair is blacker than crow's wings, with me [to guard my Yagya]. I will give him many other things which will make Him renowned in the three Worlds. Nobody else can eliminate those Raakshas other than Raam. They will not be able to stand in front of Raam. There is no need to show your paternal affection for Him, be assured that He will surely eradicate the demons. They cannot face Raam. I know about His valor very well and even Vashishth knows it very well. You can send Him with me only if your ministers etc can give their consent. I will take Him only for 10 days. I do not want that your heart should be grieved for Him."

Hearing this proposal, Raajaa got unconscious and sank in his throne.






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