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Ch-4-Paraa and Aparaa Vidyaa

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Chhaandogya Upanishad

Paraa and A-Paraa Vidyaa
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Aangiras says to his disciple Shaunak Jee that both Paraa and A-Paraa (higher and lower, or spiritual and material) knowledge are required.
Naarad and Sanat Kumaar discuss this in Chhaandogya Upanishad.

Naarad Jee is one of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa Jee. He used to teach Gandharv music to many students. Hi students used to admire him very much, but Naarad Jee was not content in  his heart. He desired lasting inner happiness. he wondered, "who could teach me the knowledge of lasting happiness?" he thought maybe Sanat Kumaar may help him, so he set out to see Sanat Kumaar in Jan Lok. He met them and requested them to tech him the knowledge of Aatm Gyaan of the Knowledge of Self. Sanat Kumaar asked Naarad Jee to first recount what he had already learnt. Naarad Jee said - "I have learnt the four Ved, the techniques of Shraaddha, grammar, philology, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, logic, ethics, science of animals, about the various gods. The only thing that I do not know is Aatmaa and I am full of sorrow and remorse. I know only the words. So, kindly guide me."

Sanat Kumaar said - "What you have learnt is only words. Those who know only words fulfill their desires in words only."
Naarad Jee asked - "O Sanat Kumaar, What goes beyond words?"
Sanat Kumaar now said - "The power of speech is greater than words, because without speech one would not be able to discriminate right from wrong, or the pleasing from the unpleasing. Still those who know speech fulfill their desire in speech only."

Naarad Jee asked - "What goes beyond speech?"
Sanat Kumaar replied - "Mind is greater than the power of speech. As a fist can hold two Aamalaa fruits in it, in the same way the mind holds words and speech. It is through the mind that one learns Ved, performs good actions, and obtains wealth. One knows the world and beyond it only through the mind. Still those who know the mind fulfill their desires in mind only."

Naarad Jee asked - "O Sant Kumaar, What goes beyond mind?"
Sanat Kumaar said - "The will (Sankalp or Intention) is greater than the mind. Through Intention only one reflects and speaks. Through Intention only Earth and Heaven were created, air and space were formed, Water and Fire were formed. Through Intention only one can create the world he wishes. And through Intention he gets established in that world. Still those ho know the Intention, fulfill their desires in Intention only."

Naarad Jee asked - "Sanat Kumaar, What goes beyond Intention?"
Sanat Kumaar replied - "Meditationis even greater than will. Earth , Heavens, Waters, mountains, all are meditating as they were. Those who meditate attain greatness through their meditation. Through meditation one realizes the unbounded and who has realized the unbounded is happy. There is no happiness in the small, only the unbounded is happy. So long for unbounded, seek the unbounded.

When one does not see other, does not hear others, does not understand other. only that is unbounded. While one can see other, can hear others, and can understand other, he is small and he cannot be happy. The unbound is all pervading, Immortal Self, is established in His own magnitude and majesty. He is only One but can become three-fold, five-fold, seven-fold, nine-fold, a hundred and eleven-fold or even twenty thousand-fold. He is above, He is below; He is in front and behind; He is in the North, he is in the South; in fact He is everywhere. He who sees this, he who thinks this, who understands this, he rests in the Self, he delights in the Self, he is united with the Self, and he has happiness in the Self. He fulfills his all wishes. He who realizes this does not see Death, illness or suffering, and realizes everything. O Naarad, with this you will become immortal."

After this Sanat Kumaar granted a boon to Naarad - the freedom to roam around anywhere on earth and Heaven. Naarad Jee thanked him and started his journey back home. When he was coming back he continued to think over his statement - " He is above, He is below; He is in front and behind; He is in the North, he is in the South; in fact He is everywhere." He came to Kailaash Parvat where Shiv Jee was sitting with his wife Paarvatee Jee along with their two sons - Kaarttikeya and Ganesh Jee. He greeted them all and gave a celestial gift of mango fruit to Shiv. Shiv said to both his sons that whoever will go round the Prithvi ssoner than the other will get this fruit. Ganesh Jee immediately got up and went around his parents and said - "You are the whole world for me. I have gone around you so I have transversed the whole world." Shiv Jee got very pleased hearing this and he gave that fruit to him.

This is Paraa Vidyaa, Naaarad Jee got it from Sanat Kumaar.


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