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Crocodile in Scriptures

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Crocodiles in Hindu Scriptures
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Kaam is often compared with fish and Kaam's another name is Makaradhwaj [Brahm Vaivart Puraan, 4.112.11]. Kaam Dev's Vaahan is crocodile.

Crocodile is the Vaahan of Yamunaa also. Vyaas Jee was born on an island of Yamunaa, so he is never free from Kaam.
Yamunaa is black, and so is Vyaas, and so is Vyaas' mother Kaalee (Satyavatee).

(1) When Guru Drone wanted to test his pupils, Kaurav and Paandav, he created a mechanical crocodile.

(6) Once five Apsaraa were going to Kuber's house that they saw a handsome Rishi doing Tapasyaa. They got attracted to him and tried to subdue him. First they did not succeed but when the Rishi came to know about this he cursed them to be transformed into crocodile. They asked him when they will be free from his curse. He said - "When somebody very powerful will take you out of the water, then only you will be free from this curse." They got very sad and met Naarad Jee. Naarad Jee suggested them to live in five Teerth in Southern Sea and when Arjun will come here on his 12 years exile he would free you from the curse.
[ MBH, G-3-Van/13]

(2) Krishn and Balaraam are compared with crocodiles when they lie dead - Arjun sees them as such, and compares Dwaarakaa with river.
Here Kaal (Time) is compared with fisherman - so, Jaraa-Vyaadh, Kaal-Time, Kaam all merge in one - and Jaraa (in Bheeshm's discourse) is caused by Kaam. Only a few days back, the Kaam Dev on Earth - Pradyumn - was killed by his kinsmen - and Pradyumn was found in the womb of a fish. Here, Krishn the fisherman (who saved his Guru Saandeepani's son acting as a fisherman) lies dead at the hand of a 'fisherman' - both Kaal-Time and Jaraa-Vyaadh.

Krishn gave way to anger and started killing - and in MBH. both Kaam (desires) and Krodh (anger) are compared with fish/fisherman - so Krishn kills himself (Jaraa is Krishn's brother, so, here too is self killing self).

Krishn who speaks against Kaam-Krodh in Geetaa is killed by Kaam-Krodh - His internal Kaam-Krodh, and external Kaam-Krodh (Kaam-Krodh causes Jaraa); thus, Krishna the man is devoured by his own 'Vishwa Roop' (again, Vishwa Roop = Kaal-Time - 'devouring' all).

Soon after, Arjun loses to Dasyu owing to his Ahamkaar - and Ahamkaar is another fish/fisherman as crocodile-killer, Arjun is metaphorically 'Kaam-killer,' but ...

Another thing - 'Apsaraa' are not just heavenly prostitutes - the name may suggest 'Apa + saras' - linking much with water
Apsaraa are cursed and frequently turn into crocodiles or fish (remember, Satyavatee's 'mother' Adrikaa?) - 'water' turning into 'residents' of 'water' -

Yudhishthir (Kank) - Kank = crane = fisherman, residing in 'womb' of Matsya-fish ... fisherman inside fish, water inside water ...
crocodiles never die ...long live crocodiles ...



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