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5-Power of Chastity

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5-The Power of Chastity
From   Garud Puraan

Once, sage Vyaas Jee went to Brahm Lok to get his doubts cleared on certain spiritual matters from Brahmaa Jee. While dwelling on a wide range of religious topics such as importance of austerities and various incarnations Vishnu took to protect righteousness, Brahmaa Jee narrated a tale of a Braahman woman who possessed Divine powers on account of her chastity. BrahmaaJee said -

"During ancient times there lived a Braahman named Kaushik in Pratishthaanpur Nagar. He was inflicted with leprosy but still his wife was very chaste and faithful towards him. His wife used to be on her toes attending to all his demands and needs and looking after all his requirements. But still, he used to scold and abuse his wife at the first given opportunity without any rhyme or reason. However, his wife did not mind his behavior understanding quite well the frustrations of a man suffering from dreaded disease like Leprosy.

One day, something happened which made Kaushik extremely angry and in a fit of rage he made an impossible demand thinking that his wife would never comply by it giving him an opportunity to curse her to the satisfaction of his heart. Shouting angrily at his wife, Kaushik said - "Age has started showing effect on you. You don't look beautiful as before. You have also started neglecting me. Take me to a beautiful prostitute so that I can satisfy my sexual urge. Kaushik's wife was deeply hurt by his rude and unfair remarks but she remained cool and calm. Being a chaste and faithful wife she had no option but to obey her husband's command. So, she too him to the prostitute's house carrying him on her shoulders.

When they were returning from the prostitute's house, it was still dark. Because of darkness, Kaushik's wife could not see sage Maandavya, who in spite of his innocence was given a severe punishment by the king - a pointed spear type thing was pieced through his body and his body was placed on a crossroad along with other people who were caught with him. But since he was in meditation he did not feel it. Unfortunately, Kaushik's feet, which were hanging down the shoulders of his wife, touched Maandavya's body. Maandavya's meditation was disturbed and he came out from his meditative level. As a result he became conscious of his unbearable physical pain and cursed that whoever had disturbed his meditation would not live to see the next Sunrise."

Both came him and according to Maandavya Rishi's curse, Kaushik died the next day before the Sun rose. His wife, who had full confidence in her power of chastity, knew that her husband would be alive once again. She cursed angrily - "Maandavya has a misconception about his power. He thinks that only he can control the natural phenomena but perhaps he does not know what feats a chaste woman is capable of performing. Its my command to the Sun not to rise from tomorrow onwards."

And indeed, the Sun did not rise the next morning leading to catastrophic fallout.

Everything went haywire in the world, which made the deities extremely worried. They came to me (Brahmaa Jee) with a request to reveal why Sun had not risen. I told them that it was all due to the curse of a chaste woman and then I narrated the whole story. I told them that nobody except Satee Anasooyaa was capable of bringing back order in the world. I advised them to seek the help of Satee Anasooyaa who was famous for her exceptional chastity.

So, all the deities went to Satee Anasooyaa and requested her to make the Sun rise so that everything became orderly in the world once again. Satee Anasooyaa agreed to help them in bringing back normalcy in the world. She, by the virtue of her chastity not only made the Sun rise daily but also made dead Kaushik alive once again.

Such is the power commanded by a woman practicing the austerity of chastity. There are numerous examples of such women famous for their chastity and Seetaa was one of them."



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 10/02/13