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4-Agni Dev

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4-Story of Agni Dev
From    Bhavishya Puraan, Uttar Khand

Krishn told this story to Yudhishthir while telling him about various fasts. Yudhishthir asked Krishn - "In ancient times, when Agni Dev got disappeared, who acted as Agni, and how did Agni get his form again?"

Krishn said - "Once Utathya Muni and Angiraa Muni had a great discussion about which one is higher - knowledge or penance? Both went to Brahm Lok to decide about this and told everything to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee asked them to call all Devtaa and Lokpaal. They called all Devtaa, Yaksh, Kinnar, Lokpaal, Raakshas, Daitya, Daanav etc; but Bhagavaan Soorya Dev didn't come there. Brahmaa Jee asked them again to call him, so Utathya Muni went to Soorya Dev and requested him to come to Brahm Lok with him. Soorya Dev said - "Muni, If I went there then the this whole Universe will be dark, in this situation how can I go there? I am sorry, I cannot go." Utathtya Muni came back to Brahm Lok and told everything to Brahmaa Jee.

At this Brahmaa Jee asked Angiraa Muni to call Soorya Dev. Angiraa Muni also went there, but Soorya Dev replied to him also the same what he told to Utathya Muni. At this Angiraa Muni said - "Prabho, You go to Brahm Lok, I will give light to the Universe in place of you." Hearing this Soorya Naaraayan came to Brahm Lok and Angiraa Muni started burning with great power.

Soorya Dev asked Brahmaa Jee as why did he call him there? Brahmaa Jee said - "Dev, You go at your own place, otherwise Angiraa Muni will burn the whole universe with his Tej (power). See everybody is already burning with his heat, lest he burns everything, you go there and get yourself establish there." Soorya Dev immediately came back, established himself at his own place, and bade farewell to Angiraa Muni.

Angiraa Muni came back to Brahm Lok, there all Devtaa etc prayed him and said - "Bhagavan, you perform all acts of Agni till we search for Agni Dev." Hearing this Angiraa Muni started acting as Agni Dev. When Agni Dev came and saw that Angiraa Muni was acting for him, he said to Angiraa Muni - "Hey Muni, Please leave my place. I will be born as your dear son from your Shubhaa named wife and my name will be Brihaspati. You will have many more sons and grandsons." Hearing this Angiraa Muni left his place.



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