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16-Raajaa Sagar
Taken From Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/4  also in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, Baal Kaand

Raajaa Harishchandra has been a very famous king of Ayodhyaa of our ancient Bhaarat. He is still famous for his truth speaking. His son's name was Rohit. In the same lineage, down seven generations, there was a king named Raajaa Baahuk. Once his enemies defeated him and took his kingdom, so he went to the forest with his wives. He started living in Maharshi Aurv's Aashram. After long time, when Raajaa got old, he died. His wife wanted to become Satee with him but Maharshi Aurv knew that she was with the child, so he stopped her being Satee. When Baahuk's other wives came to know about this they tried to give her poison,  but it did not affect the child and he was born with poison (Gar), that is why Aurv named him Sagar. Sa means "with" and "Gar" means poison. When he grew up, with the help of Aurv's education he won his father's enemies and took his kingdom back from them. Later he became the Chakravartee Samraat.

He had two wives - Sumati and Keshinee, but had no child, so he requested to give him a son. Aurv Rishhi said - "Your both wives will have sons. One will have 1 son who will carry your name and the other will have 60,000 very mighty sons. Now who wants what?" Sumati said i need 60,000 mighty son, so she got 60,000 mighty sons, Keshinee had one son named Asamanjas. Asamanjas was a Yogee in his previous life so his behavior was erratic and insane. Often he took people's children and drown them in Sarayoo River. When people complained about him, Sagar exiled him. Later Asamanjas brought those drowned children back to life. Asamanjas had a son named Anshumaan. He was very obedient to his grandfather and so he loved him very much.

Once Raajaa Sagar did an Ashwamedh Yagya. Indra stole the Yagya horse. When Raajaa did not see his sacrificial horse, he got worried and he asked his 60,000 sons to find him. They went around, but could not find the horse. Then started digging the Earth. Much below the surface of the Earth, they found it tied in an Aashram. That Aashram was kapil Muni's Aashram and he was sitting in Samaadhi. When Sagar's son saw their horse tied there, and Kapil Muni sitting in Samaadhi, they thought that Kapil Muni was the thief, so they caught him. As they caught him, he opened his eyes and they all 60,000 sons of Sagar got burnt to ashes.

When Sagar's sons did not return, he sent his grandson Anshumaan to find the horse as well as his sons. Anshumaan followed the course of his uncles and came to Kapil Muni's Aashram and found the horse tied there and a big heap of ashes. he understood what would have happened. He bowed to Kapil Muni and explained the reason of his coming. Kapil Muni got very pleased with him and let him take his horse. Anshumaan then asked him as how his uncles would get Mukti, Kapil Muni said - "You have to bring Gangaa here. When Gangaa will come here, her holy waters will give them Mukti." Anshumaan came back home, returned the horse and told everything to his grandfather.

Raajaa Sagar got very happy to see his horse, he completed his Yagya and left the body. Anshumaan tried to bring Gangaa on prithvi, but failed. Then his son Dileep tried but he also failed. Then his son Bhageerath tried and succeeded in bringing Gangaa on Prithvi and gave Mukti to his ancestors.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 10/02/13