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20-How to Use our Senses

Use your eyes to see the beauty of life or to see the inside of people...
Do not use them to criticize maliciously of how they look or dress others or to judge people, only by their appearances.

Use your ears to listen to your neighbor, and to offer a word of encouragement, nice to hear the sounds, to help you forget the difficulties, and build up inside.
Do not use as a weapon, or to poison others.

Use your nose to smell the of flowers, perfume, love...
Not impregnated odors, such as hatred, selfishness, betrayal.

Use your taste to savor the triumph achieved your goals, of achievements with effort and dedication.. .
Do not use for taste, the defeats of others.

Use your touch, to feel and give love to touch people with your desires positive your charity...
Do not use it to ask unreasonably.

The sixth sense the most important is what gives us wisdom
to distinguish the difference among other ways, between good and evil,
between giving or receiving whether to build or break.

At times we look without seeing, hear without listening,
smell without charge, taste without tasting, and touch surface.

Use your senses wisely this is not how many you have, but how you use them.
by Aldo Alberto Frias

Use your senses with sense, not senselessly.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on May 27, 2001
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