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44-Ability of Management

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44-Ability of Management
Taken from a book  

There was a king who had 3 sons. After some time he got old and thought to give his kingdom to one of his sons, but to whom he should appoint the king? When he could not find any solution, he went to his Guru and posed his problem. Guru immediately said - "Whoever can manage your kingdom, you should give your kingdom to him only." The King asked him - "But how to know that who is able to manage well?" At this Guru thought for a while and said to the King - "Take these seeds and distribute them among your sons. Then you go out for 6 months. When you come back, hopefully you will be able to know." So the King took the seeds, distributed the seeds to his three sons and went out.

He came back after 6 months and called his eldest son and asked him - "Dear son, What did you do of those seeds, where are those seeds." He obediently replied - "Father, I considered those seeds as Prasaad (blessings) given by you, so I ate them."

The King called his second son and asked the same question to him. His second son replied - "Father, I considered those seeds as your security, so I kept them safely. I bring them just now." He immediately went inside and brought those seeds to his father. Father opened the packet in which those seeds were kept. The seeds were spoilt. they were eaten by insects. The King immediately threw those seeds out.

Now the King was very disappointed with his two sons, but still he came to his third son. He asked the same question from him also, he said - "Father, You have just now arrived from your outing, you must be tired, please take some rest. We will talk tomorrow." the King got very happy to hear such a sensible suggestion. he went to sleep. When he got up next day, his third son came and took him outside. When they were going, at one place the King saw a large patch of beautiful flowers. he asked him - "Dear son, When I went from here, this flower patch was not here. Where it has come from?" The son said - "Dear father, these flowers have grown from those seeds which you gave me at the time of going. I sowed them as you left, and now see them, how beautiful flowers have grown from them."

The King embraced him and decided that his this son is worthy of being the King. He thanked his Guru for his help to choose the right candidate for appointing the King and slept peacefully that night.

Since she herself was of mouse species, she could not have chose anybody else than a mouse as her husband.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on May 27, 2001
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