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31-Help, Help, Help

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31-Help, Help, Help

Helping a fellow human being, sometimes can be a bit inconvenient, but has a few humble advantages too. It makes you feel better about yourself; it connects you with another person, at least for a moment, if not for life; it improves the life of another, at least a  little; it makes the world a better place for everyone, your one little step at a time can pass the distance of miles; and if that kindness is passed on, it can multiply, and multiply.

So take just a few minutes today, and do a kindness for another person. It can be something small or the start of something big. Ask them to pay it forward. Put a smile on someone's face. Don't know where to start? Here's an extremely incomplete list, just to get you thinking, I'm sure you can come up with thousands more if you think about it.

1. Smile And Be Friendly - Sometimes a simple little thing like this can put a smile and warm feeling in someone else's heart, and make their day a little better. They might then do the same for others.

2. Call A Charity To Volunteer - You don't have to go to a soup kitchen today. Just look up the number, make the call, and make an appointment to volunteer sometime in the next month. It can be whatever charity you like. Volunteering is one of the most amazing things you can do.

3. Donate Something You Don't Use - Or a whole box of something like chocolate, small towels, old books, old toys, or even some vegetables. Drop them off at a charity to others can put your clutter to good use.

4. Make A Donation - There are lots of ways to donate to charity organizations online, or in your local community. Instead of buying yourself a new gadget or outfit, spend that money in a more positive way to bring a smile on somebody else' face.

5. Redirect Gifts - Instead of having people give you birthday or Christmas gifts, ask them to donate gifts or money to a certain charity, or give those gifts in charity.

6. Stop To Help - The next time you see someone pulled over with a flat tire, or somehow in need of help, stop and ask how you can help him. Sometimes all they need is a push, or the use of your cell phone.

7. Teach - Take some time to teach someone a skill you know. This could be teaching your grandma to use email, teaching your child to ride a bike, teaching your co-worker a valuable computer skill, teaching something to small children.

8. Comfort Someone In Grief - Often a hug, a helpful hand, a kind word, a listening ear, to give food in need, calling the 911 or his or her relation will go a long way when someone has lost a loved one or suffered some similar loss or tragedy.

9. Help Them Take Action - If someone in grief seems to be lost and doesn't know what to do, help him do something. It could be making funeral arrangements, it could be making a doctor's appointment, and it could be making phone calls. It is not necessary to do everything yourself, let them take action too, because it helps in the healing process. OR a person in your life who wants to get healthy might need a helping hand, offer to go walking or running together, to join a gym together. Once they get started, you may leave, but the initial step can have profound effects.

10. Buy Food For A Homeless Person - Cash is often a bad idea if it's going to be used for drugs, but buying a sandwich and chips or something like that is a good gesture. Be respectful and friendly., do not show as if you are obliging him.

11. Lend Your Ear - Often someone who is sad, depressed, angry, or frustrated just needs someone who will listen to him. Venting and talking through an issue is a huge help.

12. Help Someone On The Edge - If someone is suicidal, urge them to get help. If they don't, call a suicide hotline or doctor yourself to get advice.

13. Do A Chore - It may be something small or big, like cleaning up or washing a car or doing the dishes or cutting a lawn, or doing groceries for an old lady.

14. Give A Massage - Only when appropriate of course. But a massage can go a long way to making someone feel better.

15. Send A Nice Email - Just a quick note telling someone how much you appreciate them, or how proud you are of them, or just saying thank you for something they did will certainly bring a sweet smile on the receiver' face, and he will never forget you.

16. Show Appreciation, Publicly - Praising someone on a blog, in front of coworkers, in front of family, or in some other public way, is a great way to make them feel better about themselves.

17. Donate Food - Clean out your cupboard of canned goods, or buy a couple of bags of groceries, and donate them to a homeless shelter.

18. Just Be There - When someone you know is in need, sometimes it's just good to be there. Sit with them. Talk. Help out if they need and you can.

19. Be Patient - Sometimes people can have difficulty understanding things, or learning to do something right. Learn to be patient with them. All people are of not the same intelligence as you. If they have learnt something from you and their life has improved, they will never forget you.

20. Tutor A Child - This might be difficult to do today, but often parents can't afford to hire a tutor for their child in need of help. Call a school and volunteer your tutoring services.

21. Create A Care Package - Soup, reading material, tea, chocolate, just anything you think the person might need or enjoy. Good for someone who is sick or otherwise in need of a pick-me-up.

22. Lend Your Voice - Often the powerless, the homeless, the neglected in our world need someone to speak up for them. You don't have to take on that cause by yourself, but join others in signing a petition, speaking up a council meeting, writing letters, and otherwise making a need heard.

23. Offer To Baby-sit - Sometimes parents need a break. If a friend or other loved one in your life doesn't get that chance very often, call them and offer to baby-sit sometime. Set up an appointment. It can make a big difference in their lives.

25. Love - Simply finding ways to express your love to others, whether he or she be your partner, child, other family member, friend, co-worker, or a complete stranger; just express your love. A hug, a kind word, spending time, showing little kindnesses, being friendly, offering a cup of coffee it all matters more than you know.

We can help people not only by money, but by heart, by our speech, and by our actions also. Everybody does not have everything, nor everybody needs your everything too. Sometimes your little time, a few comforting words, a short phone call of "how are you? Do you need anything?", or a tiny e-mail message can bring wonders in others' lives. Then why don't YOU bring it?



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Created by Sushma Gupta on May 27, 2001
Modified on 10/02/13