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Here are too many mythological stories in Hindu scriptures - about Devtaa (Ganesh, Shiv, Hanumaan, Devee), Raakshas, Rishi, Vaanar, Rivers etc (see Biographies for them). But there are some which do not come under the above categories. Those kinds of stories are given here, some are famous while others are not. There are many stories which are scattered at other places, see the list of those stories here.

Stories-1 - There are many kinds of stories given here



1. Faith
2. A Story About Patanjali
3. Who is Sanyaasee?
4. Three Friends



1. Danknaath Temple: a story about Krishn
2. Gokarneshwar Temple: a story about Shiv
3. Keesar Guttaa: a story about Raam
4. Story of Raameshwaram
5. Vaidyanaath: a story about Raavan
6. Vaidyanaath: a story about Amrit
7. Mahaabaleshwar: a story about Raavan
8. How Gangaa came in Southern India?
9. How Godaavaree descended?
10. Why Shiv Ling is like Shiv Ling?
11. Story of Vindhyaachal-Agastya Muni
12. Story of Kumbhkarn's Son Bheem
13. Story of Daaruk Demon



Here are many stories from Mahaabhaarat which are not the part of Mahaabhaarat but appear in Mahaabhaarat






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