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Who is Sanyaasee?
By Ravi Shankar Gopal in "US Brahmins" Group, Feb 12, 2011
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Who is Sanyaasee? A devotee of Bhagavaan Raman used to come to his Aashram very frequently. One day, he suddenly came to the Aashram clad in ochre robes and was expecting some response from Bhagavaan Ramana. Bhagavan Ramana, as usual, chose to remain silent. Unable to control himself, the devotee asked Bhagavaan for his opinion on his switching of robes. Bhagavaan smilingly said, "The attachment to white clothes has now become an attachment to the ochre robe! That's all."

Just by changing your attire, your living area or your place of work, you don't gain or lose anything. Even if a Sanyaasee has a feeling that 'I am a Sanyaasee', then he is not a true Sanyaasee because he still has a feeling of possession in his mind.

In one of his works, Bhagavaan Raman writes, "External appearance does not make one a householder or a monk. One whose mind wavers even a little is a householder indeed; and one whose mind rests in dynamic silence is verily a true ascetic."

So, don't think on these lines. These thoughts are nothing but mere emotions. Don't give them any weight and jump to conclusions based on them. Act with 'Vivek' (discrimination) . Take a step back and look at each problem. If you look at the life histories of great people of the past, everyone had to go through sufferings and pain. Life is always a mixture of good and bad, joy and sorrow.

See everything with an optimistic outlook. Such times of sorrows are the best teachers.
Instead of letting your mind lean towards the negative, take them to be the best learning opportunities in your life and utilize them. The more you think about the world, the more your heart is filled with dirt and filth.


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