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9-Shiv Sahastra Naam-1

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9-Shiv Sahastra Naam-1
See also    Shiv Sahastra Naam-2;   Shiv Taandav Stotra;   Shiv Mahimn Stotra

What makes the Shiv Sahastra Naam Stotra unique is the number of times and variations of the hymn, that are found in ancient texts. The appearance of the Shiv Sahastra Naam Stotra in at least 18 different texts is a testament to the fact that Shaivism in various forms was once immensely popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. In fact, Shaivism was the most widespread and influential form of Hinduism prior to 1200 CE (before the beginning of the Islamic era and the pan-Indian Vaishnav devotional movements).

Below is a list of the texts in which Shiv Sahastra Naam Stotra is found.

1. Mahaabhaarat (Anushaasan Parv version)
2. Mahaabhaarat (Shaanti Parv version)
3. Brahmaand Puraan
4. Devee Bhaagavat Upa-Puraan
5. Ling Puraan (version 1; chapter 65)
6. Ling Puraan (version 2; chapter 97)
7. Maarkandeya Puraan
8. Padm Puraan
9. Saur Puraan
10. Shiv Puraan (Koti-Rudra Sanhitaa)
11. Skand Puraan
12. Vaaman Puraan
13. Vaayu Puraan
14. Bhairav Tantra
15. Bhringiridi Sanhitaa
16. Rudra Yaamal Tantra
17. Shiv Rahasya Itihaas
18. Aakaash Kalp Tantra

Using the reductionist approach, we arrive at four different major variations of the Shiv Sahastra Naam :

1. Mahaabhaarat (Anushaasan Parv version)
2. Mahaabhaarat (Shaanti Parv version)
3. Shiv Puraan
4. Rudra Yaamal Tantra

The two Mahaabhaarat versions were copied into most of the Puraan, including the Ling Puraan, with minor variations. An exception is the Shiv Puraan version which appears to be original. Another original version is found in the Rudra Yaamal Tantra, which was later copied into the Shiv Rahasya Itihaas.

If we were to hazard a guess as to which school the Shiv Sahastra Naam Stotra came from, it would be fairly reasonable to say that the Mahaabhaarat (and most Puraan) versions belong to the Smaart, the Shiv Puraan version belongs to the Pashupat(s), and the Rudra Yaamal Tantra version belongs to the Taantrik Shaiv(s).

The most ancient form of the Shiv Sahastra Naam Stotra is found in the Anushaasan Parv book of the Mahaabhaarat, wherein Shiv is eulogized by Krishn. The next most ancient version is likely the one found in the Shaanti Parv book of the Mahaabhaarat, which is thought to have been inserted later into the book, and not found in standard critical editions of the Mahaabhaarat.

Many people prefer the Shiv Sahastra Naam from Shiv Puraan.



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