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10-Shiv Sahastra Naam-2

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10-Shiv Sahastra Naam-2

There are more than two versions of Shiv Sahastra Naam - one unique set of names is in Shiv Puraan and one unique set of names is in Rudra Yaamal. Otherwise there are many versions of the Shiv Sahastra Naam, but the version appearing in Book 13 (Anushaasan Parv) of the Mahaabhaarat is considered the kernel of this tradition.

(1) Ling Puraan - version 1 (Ling Puraan 1:65:54-168) is close to the Mahaabhaarat Anushaasan Parv version. Taught by Krishn to Maarkandeya Muni.

(2) Ling Puraan - version 2 (Ling Puraan 1:98:27-159) has some passages in common with Ling Puraan version 1, but also with other sources.

(3) Shiv Puraan - In Koti Rudra Sanhitaa - 4:35:1-131.

(4) Mahaabhaarat - Shaanti Parv Version - The critical edition of the Mahaabhaarat does not include this version, relegating it to Appendix 28 to Shaanti Parv. The Mahaabhaarat translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli, which is present on Internet, contains these names under Shaanti Parv, 12:284. Its English translation does not give the actual names, it gives only those names' meanings; but its Sanskrit version gives those names in Sanskrit also. These names appear in the text of the Gita Press edition as 12:284:68-180.

(5) Mahaabhaarat - Anushaasan Parv Version - In the version that occurs in Book 13 of the Mahaabhaarat (13:17:30-150), Anushaasan Parv, Krishn recites the 1,008 names of Shiv to Yudhishthir. After hearing the 1,000 names of Vishnu (Vishnu Sahastra Naam) from Bheesm, Yudhishthir requests him to teach him the names of Shiv also, but Bheeshm admitted his ignorance and requested him to ask Krishn about them. So this book gives 1008 names of Lord Shiv too; among them 45 names are repeated twice, 11 are repeated thrice and three names are repeated four times. Readers may observe that different meanings are given to these repetitions.

(6) Vaayu Puraan - Vaayu Puraan (1:30:179-284) Sahastra Naam version is almost the same as the Mahaabhaarat Shaanti Parv version.

(7) Brahmaand Puraan - Brahmaand Puraan also gives Shiv's Sahastra Naam (38:1:1-100), it is almost the same as the Vaayu Puraan version.

(8) Devee Bhaagavat Upa-puraan - Devee Bhaagvat Puraan's Shiv Sahastra Naam's version (67:1-125) appears to be of comparatively recent origin.

(9) Shiv Rahasya Itihaas - This is a rarely-published version of the Shiv Sahastra Naam. It appears, with minor differences, in the Rudra Yaamal Tantra also. This can be found on the Web -

Some overlapping of names of Shiv Sahastra Naam with the Vishnu Sahastra Naam has led Aadi Shankaraachaarya to conclude that Shiv and Vishnu are both identical, as both forms are of one personal God, or Sa-Gun Brahm, a conclusion that is a central tenet of A-Dwait or Smaart Hinduism.

In fact, one of the names of Shiv, recited in the Mahaabhaarat version states, that "He is in form of Vishnu who floats on the waters after the universal dissolution."

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Some Common Names in Shiv and Vishnu Sahastra Naam

The following are just a few examples of the common words in the Sahastra Naam of Shiv nad Vishnu

1. Bhoot Bhaavan
2. Pavitram
3. Mahaan
4. Niyam
5. Sahasraaksh,
6. Som
7. Soorya
8. Anagh
9. Mahaatapaa,
10. Pramaanam,
11. Yogee
12. Sarvagya
13. Animish
14. Kaam
15. Dhanvee



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