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There are 11 Rudra, their names are as below -

(1) Raivat,  (2) Aj,  (3) Bhava,  (4) Bheem,  (5) Vaam,  (6) Vrishakapi (Viroopaaksh),  (7) Ajaikapaad,  (8) Ahirbudhni,  (9) Bahuroop or Ugratap or Patrataap, and  (11) Mahaan

Bhootraajaa is considered one of the best among the servants of Vaadiraajaru. He is considered to be an incarnation of Patrataapa Rudra. Rudra are a group of devatas and the 11th rudra is mahadeva shiva. Patrataapa Rudra is 10th Rudra and the Mahaadev Rudra of next Kalpa. He is also famous by the name Ugratapa or Bahuroopa.

Incarnations of Patrataap Rudra

(1) Tapodhan
There was a Braahman called Tapodhan during Tretaa Yug and was an incarnation of Patrataap Rudra. After Raavan Vadh, when Shree Raam enquired all Braahman assembled in his court at Ayodhyaa as how to get rid of sin of killing a Braahman, Tapodhan ridiculed other Braahman saying that they do not have power to wash away sin of Brahm Hatyaa and only he had enough Tap Shakti to do it. Raam said that - "Ridiculing Braahman in this way would result in next birth being a Brahm Raakshas." Though Raam did not curse and said this only with a smile, the words and Sankalp of Paramaatmaa never fail. Tapodhan realized this. He fell at the feet of Shri Raam and asked for His Kshamaa (forgiveness). Shree Raam assured him that he will be relieved from his Brahm Raakshas Roop by service to the Devtaa who will become Vaayu in the next Kalp." Then he is none other than Laatavya. Since Tapodhan repented for his sin, his Praarabdh mitigated and he took 2 births further to wash out his Brahm Raakshasatwa.

(2) Somdatt
During the times of Mahaabhaarat, there used to be a king named Baahleek who was the incarnation of Prahlaad. Raajaa Baahleek had the Aavesh of Vaayu. He had a mighty son called Somdatt, who was the incarnation of Patrataap Rudra. In Udyog Parv of MBH, He is mentioned by Dharm Raaj as a person with many auspicious and good qualities. His valor is described many times in MBH. He had 2 sons - Bhoori and Shal. They were the incarnations of the two Rudra - Ajaikapaad and Viroopaaksh respectively.

He desired of a son who was of tremendous strength and unconquerable in war. He did severe penance and pleased Mahaadev Shiv, who blessed him with a son who was the incarnation of Ahirbhudni (9th Rudra) and he had the Aavesh of all the other 10 Rudra. He was none other than the famous warrior Bhoorishravaa. He was a skilled warrior and had mastery of various weapons just like his father. Somadatt had advised Dhritharaastra not to call Paandav for the game of dice and was also against war with them. Just like his father Baahleek, Somdatt from the side of Kaurav owing to his cousin Bheeshm being on their side. He fought in the battle and was slain by Saatyaki.

(3) Naaraayan Sharmaa Or Bhootraajaa (Narayana Bhoot)
Somadatt took birth as a Braahman called Naaraayan Sharmaa and was a great Pandit. He used to be a disciple of Shree Vaadiraajaaru and was very close to him.

Once Vyaasaraajaaru visited Math of Vaadiraajaaru, who was about to commence his Pooja. It was Dwaadashee. Vyaasaraajaaru had said that without Raajaaru coming and sitting by his side, he wont commence his Dwaadashee Bhojan. Not liking the thought of keeping the Aakasmik Atithi wait for Bhojan, Vaadiraajaaru arrived where he was sitting and sat along with him for Bhojan. After the Bhojan, Raajaaru asked all his students and disciples to stay at Math and not to follow him.

He went near Shaalmali River, brought a big leaf, sat on a rock and brought out all the food he ate sometime back as raw and hot as it was when it was served. Nothing was digested in his stomach. He did this with his Yog Shakti. One student had followed him secretly and was observing all this by climbing a tall tree. He was none other than Naaraayan Sharmaa. Raajaaru took Snaan (bath) in the river, finished his Poojaa and ate the hot Bhojan again. While returning to Math, Naaraayan Sharmaa came across him and said that he had viewed everything. Rajaru cursed him to become a Brahm Raakshas (to make the words of Shri Raam come true and to erase the Praarabdh of Tapodhan which was an obstacle for his Saadhanaa). Upon asking for forgiveness, he said - "Roam in the forests and ask --- "Aa Ka Ma Vai ......Ko Na Snathaha?" and whenever someone answers this question he will get relieved from his Brahm Raakshasatwa.

So he started roaming in the forests near Badarik Aashram. No one would walk through the forest where he used to reside as he used to kill and eat people who used to bypass that forest, owing to his newly acquired Brahm Raakshasatwa. When this was revealed to Raajaaru, who took pity on his student visited that forest and was stopped by Naaraayan Bhoot who asked him the same question.

Raajaaru said - "Randa Putra, twam na snaataha" (The one who is son of a prostitute and/or a Brahm Raaakshas like you would not bath in months of Aa (Ashwayuja), Ka (Karteeka), Ma (Maagha), Vai (Vaishaakh). The Vipra lost his Brahm Raakshasatwa and gained his original form of Patrataap Rudra. He was out the curse he had acquired before. His body rose like the emerging red sun and was blazing like Fire. He had round big eyes and a terrible stature. He made Saashtaang Pranaam to the divine Avataar of Shri Laatavya, ie Shree Vaadiraajaaru and desired to serve him to the eternal times. Raajaaru blessed him saying he will be future Rudra and will be Kshetra Paalak (Caretaker of the area) at Sodhe and would be famous as Bhootaraajaa."

From then on Bhoot Raajaaru would be in invisible form and serve his Guru ie Vaadiraajaaru. Once when Raajaru ordered him to bring the Utsav Moorti of Trivikram at Badarik Aashram which gets Poojaa regularly by none other than Brahmaa Jee himself, Bhootaraajaa rushed to the spot and started bring the Moorti along with its Rath (chariot) in Aakaash Maarg. He encountered a Daitya in the skies who tried to stop him. Not wanting to waste time , Bhootaraajaa picked up a wheel and threw at the Daitya who died instantaneously. He was in a hurry as he had to bring the Trivikram Vigraha within the Muhoort time specified by his Guru. It was a golden Vigraha and so the Rath. When he landed in Sodhe, Raajaaru installed Lord Trivikram Vigraha and said as this is Kali Yug, the golden chariot along with its Vigraha would appear as a rock-made and not of gold. We can still see this in Trivikram Temple at Sodhe where the Lord who is inside a Rath with only 3 wheels.
* There are only 2 Trivikram Temples in India. One installed by Brahmaa Jee near Tirukoilur and another one installed by Vaadiraajaaru at Sodhe.

Some Other Information
(1) Bhootaraajaaru used to carry the front part of Paalakee of Vaadiraajaaru in his invisible form and the rear part of carried by other disciples. All used to wonder at this miracle of Vaadiraajaaru.
(2) Everyone who goes to Sodhe for Darshan of Raajaru has to first bow to Bhootaraajaaru and roll a coconut and then he can resume to any Pooja or Sevaa or Darshan of Vaadiraajaaru and Vedavyaas Devaaru.
(3) Bhootaraajaaru (Patrataap Rudra) along with 2 of his aides called Karn and Vikarn serves Vaadiraajaaru.
(4) He is described as the one who rides a beautiful horse and who is decorated with a mighty bow and a powerful sword.
(5) During the times, when Shree Vishwapriya Teerthaaru was reigning Sodhe Math, a Yatee of another Math visited him and suddenly his Dand (sceptre) disappeared. Vishwapriya Teertharu meditated on Bhootaraajaaru and requested him to return the Dand of the Yatee who has visited their Math, as he is A-Tithi and he should be taken care of well. He requested as if we convince kids when they try to be mischievious. Bhootaraajaaru returned the Dand in his invisible form and the Yatee was surprised at the Tap Shakti of Vishwapriya Teerthaaru, who could not only see Gods but also converse with them.

*Bhootaraajaaru did this as he belonged of Bhoot Gan. Stealing is the very nature of Bhoot. He did this to show the greatness of Vishwapriya Teertharu to the world.
*Vishwapriya Teerthaaru is considered to be Indra in Next Kalp.

(6) During Trivikram Rathotsav, when the Utsav Rath was being pulled, it caught fire suddenly from nowhere and all ran away. Vishwapriya Teerthaaru stayed still and raised his arms and prayed to Vaadiraajaaru and Lord Hayagreev. To everyone's surprise suddenly it began to rain heavily and the chariot was still moving without anyone pulling it. Later Vishwapriya Teerthaaru told everyone that Bhootraajaaru pulled the Rath (chariot) in his invisible form during Utsav.
(7) There is a Sarovar (pond) called Dhaval Gangaa very next to Vrindaa Van of Vaadiraajaaru. The south edge of this pond is dedicated to Bhootaraajaaru who resides there. No one should bath at that end. The people who ridiculed this and have tried entering the Sarovar at this corner, have either met with unexpected and sudden deaths or have been affected by diseases or Pishaach all through their life.
(8) Bhootaraajaaru protects the devotees and disciples of Raajaaru who visit Sodhe for Sevaa and Darshan.
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