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Rudra is the Vaidik Devtaa. There are 11 Rudra, their names are as below -

(1) Raivat,  (2) Aj,  (3) Bhava,  (4) Bheem,  (5) Vaam,  (6) Vrishakapi (Viroopaaksh),  (7) Ajaikapaad,  (8) Ahirbudhni,  (9) Bahuroop,  or Ugratap or Patrataap,  and  (11) Mahaan.

Meaning of Rudra
All Hindu know that Shiv is called Rudra a;so, but perhaps very few know the meaning of this word. Here its meaning is quoted from Shiv Puraan 6-9-14 as given below:

Rur duhkham duhkha hetum va tad dravayati yah prabhuh
rudra ityuchyate tasmat Shivah param Kaaranam

Meaning - Rur is sorrow or the reason for getting sorrow. The Lord who destroys that is called Rudra who is Shiv.

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