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4-Shiv Ling-1

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4-Why to Worship Shiv Ling-1

Why do we worship Shiv in Ling form, to understand this first we will have to understand what Brahmaand means. Brahm means expanding, and And means Egg. So the universe is nothing but an expanding elliptical shaped EGG. This began with the explosion (Brahmaand Visphot as mentioned in Rig Ved) of Hiranyagarbh (Golden Womb) - mother's Womb is also oval.

After the explosion the five elements in Hiranyagarbh are Air, Water, Fire, Soil and Space. Nar means Water and Ayan means "dwelling place". Since God lives in water, He is called Naaraayan. Ayan means to move also which makes Uttaraayan and Dakshinaayan - the Sun's movement to North and South. Brahmaa created all Galaxies. After creating Milky Way he vanished as his job is only once in 432 Crore Human years. Roughly about the same time Earth was created from today. Now after Brahmaa, Vishnu comes to Earth where all five elements are found in one place. Nowhere else we have these elements together. He began 10 Avataar from water-based Fish to current human being. There were 8,400,000 species between fish and Man. Dash Avataar are the stages of that evolution.

Brahmaa Jee is not worshipped much, Vishnu Bhagavaan is worshipped in His Avataar forms or in Naaraayan form, the problem remains with Shiv only. Shiv is mostly worshipped in Ling form. Most people in the world think that it is the mark of male organ; and because of the westerners many Hindu people have also started thinking in the same way. But Hindu do not think that the westerners  are not capable of understanding even a speck of Spiritualism, however hard you may try to explain to them? It is beyond their understanding. Because they don't believe in 'Re-incarnation', as we do.  They cannot know that our present nature is, what has been carried forward from our previous births. They have not reached that Spiritual level yet that they can understand the deeper intricacies of Spiritual realms. Then why do we Hindu think like them, we are not westerners, we should understand our own Dharm. Westerners should listen to those big people who have understood our Dharm, whatever little, in the form of symbolism --

(A) Nataraaj - the Dancing Lord Shiv, the Lord of annihilation, at the time of "Pralaya" (dissolution). The Nuclear Power Corporation in Geneva, Switzerland, had requested the Indian Nuclear Power Corporation for a "Taandav Nrityakaaree" idol of Shiv. Then the ‘Jet Propulsion Laboratory’ (JPL) of the Government of USA, in Livermore, near San Francisco, presented them a 3 ft high statuette of Nataraaj. Underneath are inscribed the words, ‘Hindu God of Dissolution’.

(B) One may find a French scientist's article in a 1964 magazine 'Paris to Bombay', on Nuclear Power generation, showing a Reactor - a domelike structure in a Nuclear Power station, beside a sketch of a Shiv Ling, and describing the Symbolism.

The country wise list of Shiv-Ling in the world, Nuclear Power Generating Stations, to this date, October 1, 2010 counts - existing - 441, under erection - 58, planned - 152, and Proposed - 337.

In view of the above, one can show the following to our critics and proclaim in a loud voice - "Yes, these Nuclear Power Reactors in Electrical Power Generating Stations world over, are symbolically Shiv Ling." Then why we Hindu should always look at the Nuclear Power Station afresh?

Similarities Between Shiv Ling and Nuclear Power Reactors

When we go to Shiv Temple, bring the picture of Nuclear Reactor in front of your closed eyes, and bow down in reverence to that Pralayakaaree Energy, bursting at the time of "Dissolution of the Universe", never blindly bow before it. In the same way we should understand our gods and goddesses as symbols, and try to find the deeper meanings behind those symbols. Let the world know that there are pervert minds who see Phalus in Shiv-Ling, a Hindu sees Nuclear/Atomic Power Reactor.

Age of Ved and Max Muller - No one knows how old our Ved are. HMV had once published a pamphlet giving the history of gramophone record. Gramophone was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in the 19th century. Edison, who had invented many other gadgets like electric light and the motion picture camera, had become a legend even in his own time. When he invented the gramophone record, which could record human voice for posterity, he wanted to record the voice of an eminent scholar on his first piece. For that he chose Prof. Max Muller of England, another great personality of the 19th century. He wrote to Max Muller saying, “I want to meet you and record your voice. When should I come?” Max Muller who had great respect for Edison asked him to come at a suitable time when most of the scholars of the Europe would be gathering in England.

Accordingly Edison took a ship and went to England. He was introduced to the audience. All cheered Edison’s presence. Later at the request of Edison Max Muller came on the stage and spoke in front of the instrument. Then Edison went back to his laboratory and by afternoon came back with a disc. He played the gramophone disc from his instrument. The audience was thrilled to hear the voice of Max Muller from the instrument. They were glad that voices of great persons like Max Muller could be stored for the benefit of future generations. After several rounds of applause and congratulations to Thomas Alva Edison, Max Muller came to the stage and addressed the scholars and asked them, “You heard my original voice in the morning. Then you heard the same voice coming out from this instrument in the afternoon. Do you understand what I said in the morning or what you heard in the afternoon?”

The audience fell silent because they could not understand the language in which Max Muller had spoken. It was ‘Greek and Latin’ to them as they say. But had it been Greek or Latin, they would have definitely understood because they were from various parts of Europe. It was in a language which the European scholars had never heard. Max Muller then explained what he had spoken. He said that the language he spoke was Sanskrit and it was the first Shlok of Rig Veda, which says “Agni Meele Purohitam.” This was the first recorded public version on the gramophone plate. Why did Max Muller choose this Shlok? Addressing the audience he said, “Vedas are the oldest text of the human race. And "Agni Meele Purohitam ...." is the first verse of Rig Ved. In the most primordial time when the people of Europe were still jumping like Chimpanzees from tree to tree and branch to branch, when they did not know how to cover their bodies, but with fig leaves, did not know agriculture and lived by hunting and lived in caves; at that remote past, Indians had attained high civilization and they gave to the world universal philosophies in the form of the Vedas".

According to Max Muller, Ved are the oldest texts of the human race. The antiquity of the Vedas is appreciated by Max Muller and HMV. ... The HMV passage goes on to say that Max Muller asked Edison to play this passage once again. This time when "Agni Meele Purohitam ..." was re-played, the entire audience stood up in silence as a mark of respect for the ancient Hindu sages; this time there were no claps, there was only a mark of respect. (Swaamee Ranganathananda mentioned this while delivering the chairman’s benedictory address at a seminar held on December 15 and 16, 2000, at the Ramakrishna Institute of Culture, Kolkatta, India. The theme of the seminar was ‘Maxmuller and His Contemporaries’. All these can be seen in the book ‘Maxmuller and His Contemporaries’ by Swami Prabhavananda, The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkatta-700 029. India)

(C) On the auspicious occasion of Mahaa Shiv Raatri : Shiv Shakti (Nuclear Energy) Nataraaj, Dancing Lord Shiv, the Lord of annihilation, at the time of 'Pralaya'! A news item appeared in Times of India some years ago- "Chennai: A 11 foot tall, Panchaloha (five metals) idol of Lord Shiv in Nataraaj pose, weighing about two tonnes, sculpted in a village near Swamimalai in Kumbakonam Taaluk in Thanjaavur district of Tamilnaadu, is to be airlifted from Chennai to Switzerland. Nearly 24 sculptors in Thimmakudi village toiled day and night for the past six months to create the world’s tallest Nataraaj idol, standing 22 feet (7 meters) now on its way to Chennai from the village. The Nuclear Power Corporation in Geneva, Switzerland, had requested the Indian Nuclear Power corporation for a "Taandav Nrityakaaree" idol. The job was entrusted to the sculptors in the village. The total cost of the idol was around Rupees 15 Laakh. It has been crafted as per the Agam rules."

This was a prelude to the following. All things in our Indian Culture are based on symbolism, be they "this Worldly" or "other Worldly" - Spiritual. We try to explain the ‘Unknown’ - the ‘Abstract’, by everyday visual manifestations, in the form of Moorti, for the benefit of a common Hindu to comprehend and concentrate upon, who does not have the privilege of attaining so high a Spiritual level (!) as that of Christians and Muslims, as to have direct communion with the 'Impersonal' 'Almighty'.

‘To every one according to his own Spiritual level’ is the Hindu concept of ‘Freedom of Thought and Action’. Christianity has a concept of 'Holy Trinity'- The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. If you go through the religious literature of the Church, this concept is very vague and confusing, as if they themselves don't know what they are talking about. But we, Hindu, have our own concept of "Holy Trinity", which has a more realistic and logical base. Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh (Mahaa Eesh or Mahaa Dev), remembering all the while, "Ekam Sat, Viprah bahuda vadanti'. 'Truth is One; sages call It by various names'. Brahmaa - the Creator or Generator, Vishnu - the Sustainer or Operator, and Mahesh - the Dissolver or Destroyer of the Universe. The word- ‘GOD’ stands to reason, now. Doesn’t it? So, truly, Christian God is our 'Tri-Moorti'.

On the sly : Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and The Word Was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And "The Word Was Made Flesh, And Dwelt Among Us", (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth." Bible - - John 1:1-4, 14

Please, mark - "The Word was made Flesh". That is, the Word came in the form of Jesus Christ. Now, mark this also - Swami Chinmayanand. Book 'Meditation and Life'- Chapter XV, 'Mantra and Japa- Gayatri' Comments on 'OM', page 98 - Verbatim (word for word). Quote : "There is a verse in the Vedas: "Prajapati vai idam agra asit" (In the beginning was Prajapati, the Brahman) : "Tasya vak dwitiya asit" (With whom was the Word) : Vag vai Paramam Brahma" (And the Word was verily the Supreme Brahm). This Sphot has its symbol in the word OM. The foot Note, at the bottom of the same page 98: The idea belongs to Hinduism and in the fourth Gospel of the New Testament we read it repeated: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

In algebraic terms : If A = B and also, A = C Then B = C. Simply put : If God = Word (Om) "Word was God". And, also, Word (Om) = Christ. "The word was made flesh" Then, God = Christ. Quite logical. So, what it amounts to is that, all along, for the last two thousand years, the Christians were worshiping 'Om' in the form (Flesh) of 'Jesus Christ'. So, Hindu say to their Christian brothers, "If we, Hindu, worship God (Om) in form of many Deities - Moorti, you worship God (Om) in the form of only one Deity - Moorti - that is of Jesus Christ, how does it matter? So why should we convert to Christianity? What is the logic? Why deceive ourselves and others? By the way, there is a glaring mistake in the Bible. It says, "In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God" How can the Word be at the beginning? The sequence is jumbled up. The Word can not exist, unless God was first, to have It, as is correctly stated in the Ved. (In the beginning was Prajaapati, the Brahm).

The Shiv-Ling, with its attributes in totality, represents "Nuclear Energy". (Incidentally, Ling means Symbol). In the Scientific Community world over, Lord Shiv is recognized as such. He is, also, known as 'Kaal- Bhairav'. It is the Dance of the Nuclear Energy with all its might and fury, at the end of the Yug Cycle, the Kaal Chakra - the Dance at the time of ‘Mahaa Pralaya’. It is particularly depicted in ‘Taandav Nritya’ pose. He is also called Bhairav or Kaal (Death) Bhairav- ‘Bhaya + Rava’- ('Fearsome + Sound' of Damaroo, the small drum in his hand). Because of his infinite power and energy, he is worshipped as ‘Mahaa-Dev' (Dev of Devtaa). Rarely does one come across a Mandir with a personified Moorti of Shiv Shankar, in human form. Mostly it is a ‘Shiv Ling’.

Shankar is also known as ‘Bholenaath’. Whosoever tries to please him, he blesses him, irrespective of how he will make use of his blessings. Be it Raam or Raavan, Paandav or Kaurav, Americans or Russians, Bhaarateeya or Paakistaanee.

"Use the Nuclear Energy for good of humanity such as Nuclear Sciences, Nuclear Medicines, Nuclear Power Stations, etc. or use it for destruction and destroy yourselves” - the Energy is unconcerned with its use. It is absolutely impartial. But, beware, this Bholenaath has also a third eye. If this "Triteeya Netra" is opened, it will result in total devastation. The accidents at ‘Three Mile Island’ in the USA (1979) and ‘Chernobyl’ (1986) in Russia bear witness to this. In the case of ‘Chernobyl’, the winds that blew, went thousands of miles, well past the Netherlands in the North of Europe, making vast areas uninhabitable for years to come.

As there would be strict rules for constructing Nuclear Power station, so are the symbolic rules to build Shiv Mandir also. And they are exactly the same as the construction of a Nuclear Power station. Obviously, it must be far away from the populace, out of city or township or village boundaries. It should have dampness all around. Therefore, it should be near water source, like sea, river, lakes, etc. The Garbhgriha, where the actual Ling sits, should be below ground level - like in a shallow well - to keep the vicinity damp. Being near a water source helps to maintain this. The water oozes through, and keeps the surroundings damp.

Now, compare the shape of the Shiv-Ling (the Pindee) and that of a Nuclear Reactor. The dome shape of both of them, with cylindrical vertical walls. The Pindee is centered on a base- a raised circular platform called, ‘Peethikaa’. The Peethikaa, itself has a raised, about a foot high, parapet along the edges, so as not to allow the water dripping over the dome shaped 'Shaalunkaa', to spread around. This ‘water’ is to be channelized out through a spout called ‘Gau-Mukh’ - shaped like a cow’s mouth, which creates a break (discontinuation), in the circular Peethikaa. The water must drain out through this Mukh, and through this passage only.

Notice the waterfall or the continuous ‘Drip’ over the Ling? May it be signifying the ‘Deuterium’ (D2O?), Isotopic variety of water, termed as ‘Heavy Water’, required for the Reactor? Shiv is the only God who has the privilege of such continuous ‘Snaan' - shower like bath.

There is a Snake around the neck of the Lord. In a place called ‘Batavia’, about 23 miles from Chicago in the USA, where one of the Government's Nuclear Laboratories (Fermi Lab) is established, there is a ring of about 5 miles of circumference for Nuclear Fission, to create small Nuclear explosions by splitting Atoms. There is one to be had in Germany about 12 miles in circumference. Does the Snake symbolize this Ring? (This reminds one of recent experiment of creating a ‘Black Hole’ in an European laboratory. They have built a similar ring - an underground tunnel 17 miles in circumference 160 to 570 ft deep running through Switzerland and France. The diameter of the tunnel is such that it can accommodate four car lanes).

Shiv Shankar is also, called, ‘Neelkanth’ - Blue Throated. He is supposed to have swallowed the poison , which came out, after churning of the ocean (Saagar Manthan), Devtaa on one side, and Daitya on the other. If one sees the inner construction of a Nuclear reactor, there are scores of inverted, ‘U’ shaped metal tubes (of about 2" diameter) progressively rising in height, from the bottom to the top. When the reactor is active, these tubes emit out light, blue in color, due to the charged liquid inside. This is symbolized by 'Blue' throat of the Lord.

Remember the ‘Teerth, Prasaad’ we have after the Darshan of the Deities, which is given to us and we reverentially accept it? That ‘Teerth’ - water, mixed with milk, honey, buttermilk, ghee, is the same that freely flows in all directions, all around the Deities. But do remember, you are forbidden to have the ‘Teerth’ of Mahaadev. That ‘Teerth’ is water dripping down from the top of the Pindee - the Reactor. And, that water is 'Radio Active’- contaminated (again symbolic), which is not to be dispersed any whichever way. It must be discharged out safely through the Gau Mukh. Ever notice which way the Gau Mukh is facing in any Shiv Mandir? It must point towards North. As regards Nuclear Energy, North Pole has a Negative Polarity. So the ‘Nuclear Waste’ must be accumulated in an area in that direction.

And now, the final restriction. You go to a temple and after having the Darshan of the Deity, you go round the Mandir or Garbha Griha for a ‘Pradakhshinaa / Parikramaa’. But, no sir, not in the case of Mahaadev. He is an exception. You never complete the ‘Pradakshinaa’ fully, in this case. You may go round from one side of the Gau Mukh to the other, but should never, ever cross the Gau Mukh, the break and the ‘Area’, as it is contaminated by Nuclear waste. Yes, but there are people authorized to ‘cross over’. Symbolically, the priests chant some Mantras, while passing through that area.

Were there any such ‘protections’ in the old days? May be the ‘Bilva’ (Bel) tree, its leaves and fruits have anything to do with it. ‘Bhagavaan Shankar is pleased when offered those leaves’, it is said. May be the extracts of the leaves and the fruits were antidote to Radio Active ill effects - research needs to be carried out by world scientists. (This, in the case of Nuclear war).

And, where is his abode? Far, far away in the Himaalaya, a remote and cold place. His army is of ‘Bhoot Gan’. He smears himself with ash from the Cremation grounds. That is his identity. Well, does this, somewhat, change your perspective towards our Gods and Goddesses? Now, henceforth, when you bow down before the Shiv Ling, bring the concept of Nuclear Energy in front of your 'Manah Chakshu'.



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