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3-Shiv Panchbhoot

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3-Shiv Panch Bhoot

Hindu believe that every form of creation is nothing but a manifestation of this supreme reality Eeshwar. Every form of creation is manifested as a combination of one or more of the five basic elements of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. (Vaayu, Jal, Agni, Prithvi and Aakaash). Shiv is very much related to these five Mahaabhoot also, how?

Shiv's Panch Mahaa Bhoot Temples
There are five temples in South India where Shiv is worshipped as personified these elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. These temples are located at Kaalaahastee in Aandhra Pradesh, Tiruvanaikkaval near Tiruchiraappallee in Tamil Naadu, Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Naadu, Kaancheepur in Tamil Naadu and Chidaambaram in Tamil Naadu.

Five Mantra that Constitute Shiv's Body are -
Sadyojaat - Sadyojaat is Shiv realized in his basic reality (as in the element Earth, in the sense of smell, in the power of procreation and in the mind)
Eeshaan - Eeshaan is Shiv not visible to the human eye, .
Vishnu Dharmottar Puraan of the 6th century CE assigns a face and an element to each of the above Mantra.
(Sadyojaat - Earth, Vaamadev - Water, Aghor - Fire, Tatpurush - Air and Eeshaan - Space).

The names of the deified faces with their elements are Mahaadev (Earth), Bhairav (Fire), Nandee (Air), Umaa (Water) and Sadaashiv (Space). Panchmukh Ling have been seen from the 2nd century onwards. The Tri-moorti Sadaashiv image of Shiv in the Elephanta Caves near Mumbai is a portrayal in stone, of the five faces of Shiv.

Panchaanan Shiv -
According to Shaiv Aagam, Shiv performs five actions - creation, preservation, dissolution, concealing grace, and revealing grace. Each of the five actions corresponds to a name and form of Shiv with varying attributes. Thee five names are:--

Names with Relation to Action Performed, Direction Faced, and Associated Element:
Sadyojaat - Creation. West. Earth.
Vaamdev - Preservation. North. Water.
Aghor -Dissolution/ Rejuvenation. South. Fire
Tatpurush - Concealing Grace. East. Air.
Eeshaan - Revealing Grace. North-east. Ether (Aakaash).
Though bearing each a different name, form, and set of qualities, these are all aspects of a one Supreme Being - Shiv, and are not to be looked upon as different Deities.

Panch Bhoot Maalaa (Rosaries) -
Rudraaksh Maalaa = Fire
Crystal or Sphatik Maalaa = Air
Lotus Seeds Maalaa = Water
Tulasee Maalaa = Ether
Red Sandalwood Maalaa = Earth.

Panch Bhoot Mantra --
Ham, Yam, Ram, Vam and Lam

Shiv's Main Mantra is Panchaaksharee Mantra -
"Om Namah Shivaaya"
The five alphabets of this Panchaaksaree Mantra represent :
1. Eeshaan, 2. Tatpurush, 3. Aghor 4. Vaam Dev, and 5. Sadyojaat.

His 5 faces - 2 faces on the left, 2 on the right and 1 in the middle, these faces are -
Dakshineshwar - It is the extreme right face, which is showering love and compassion upon the created beings.
Eeshaan - the face next to the right - responsible for controlling all the Jeev, individual beings, with meticulous care.
Kalyaan Sundaram - the supreme controller which controls all the individual’s desire for action.
Vaam Dev - face on the extreme left: it is terrible - Rudra, Rudraatirudra or Rudropirudrah - one who teaches others by making them shed tears.
Kaalaagni – the face next to extreme left - this also subjects people to excruciating torture, but there also the main purpose is to teach them to promote their welfare.



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