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19-Shiv Ling Installation

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Shiv Ling Installation

Ling or Shiv Lingm Pratishthaa (installation) is done on a circular or quadrangular based pedestal. The base of Ling is provided a place to flow the water used for "Abhishek" (Bath) and collected to distribute it as Prasad. This also accommodates the water falling on Ling from a conical shaped vessel held above Ling. It is believed that Ling is in the form of Trinity. The bottom of Ling symbolizes Brahmaa, the middle by Vishnu and the top by Shiv. Vaidik scriptures reveal that at the time of "Yugaant" (at the end of the Yug) Ling absorbs all Deities, Brahmaa set off to the right side, Vishnu to the left and Gayatri to the centre and so on.

Nandee, the Holy Bull (ride of Shiv) is found facing Lord Shiv, the Lingm. As per the Vaidik verses, it is emblematic sign of "Jeevaatmaa" waiting for the Lord's grace to unite with him (A union of Jeevaatmaa and Paramaatmaa). In general the tortoise is not seen in Shiv Temples. The reader may quote the Shiv Temple seen with Tortoise in it, but let us forget it for some time....

Ling Prathistha is done with various rituals. It requires Vaidik Scholars with the knowledge of "Aagam Sootra". Selection of Ling depends on the liking of the installer. It is made of various materials as it can be seen. It may be procured from Banaaras in the form of "Shaalgram' (Ellipsoidal shaped).

20 Items in Adhivaas
The ritual of "Adhivaas" (Dwelling) shall be performed as a first step one prior to "Pratishthaa". Ling is made to dwell in 20 items such as The Earth, Perfume, Pebbles, Paddy, Sharp bladed Grass (Doorvaa Yugm), Flowers, Fruits, Curd, Ghee, Swaastik, Vermillion, Conch, Kajjal, Gorochan, White Mustard seeds, Silver, Gold, Copper, Lights and finally mirror. While placing Ling in these items the "Mantra" of Maayaa Beej" and "Brahm Gayatri" shall be chanted.

After reciting "Anena Amushya Adhivaas", the Top Side of Ling shall be touched, and then all items as described above one after the other. Then the Sacred Ling shall be lifted from the place of Adhivaas and top of Ling shall be touched by Priest thrice. Then the Ling shall be given bath with Milk, Panchaamrit and other liquids as described in Vaidic Verses and finally by water.

Then Ling shall be wiped with a new soft cloth with utmost devotion. The Ling is placed on the base made for the purpose. Then the Deity shall be worshipped, starting from "Sankalp", "Kalash Poojaa", "Shodash Upachaar", "Rajopachaar" and "Ganesh Poojaa", "Ang Nyaas", "Kar Nyaas", Praanaayaam and "Pranav" as described in Vaidik scriptures. There after Lord Shiv shall be meditated upon. Then the sacred energy shall be invoked into the "Ling" by performing "Praan Pratishthaa". Thereafter Ling shall be decorated with red flowers. Ling worship shall be followed by "Devee Poojaa" in the same manner as explained above.

This is followed by "Dikpaalak Poojaa", and "Nandee Poojaa". All Gods and Goddesses shall be offered a mixture of Masha beans, rice, and curd with sugar. Before offering these items, they shall be kept in North-east corner and shall be purified with "Beejaakshar Mantra". The next day "Vriddhi", "Shraaddh", "Nandee", "Mahaa Bal", "Kishavadana' and "Gan Naayak" shall be worshipped with devotion.

Then Ling shall be given bath with 8 jars of water by chanting the "Mrityunjaya Mantra" and "Devee Poojaa" shall follow. After worshipping both Devee and Ling. the Ling shall be carried on shoulders and shall make three rounds around the temple in clockwise manner. Then the Ling along with "Devee" shall be taken inside and placed on the platforms made for the purpose. Devi and Ling shall be smeared with Sandalwood paste. They shall be worshipped with 8 elements - (1) Sharv, the earth, (2) Bhav, the water, (3) Rudra, the fire, (4) Ugra, the wind, (5) Bhuna, the ether, (6) Pashupati, the employer of Priest, (7) Mahaadev, the nectar, (8) Eeshaan, the Sun. Each of them shall be invoked and worshipped.

The dedicator shall make three rounds around the temple and shall retire for the day. The next day, the Ling shall be given bath of hundred jars of water and all rituals shall follow. The dedicator shall arrange feast to the Kaulikaa Dwij and shall please poor by giving food, drink and clothes. The Ling thus installed shall never be removed from its place.

These are the rituals in brief. One should follow Aagam Shaastra for details.

I installed my Paarad Shiv Ling with simple Abhishek with water mixed with milk, applied Vibhooti, saffron, sandal paste. I played Rudram and Chamkkam in the background. After the initial worship offered Ghee lamp and Agarbattee, sweets at the end. It is OK if you don't have some of these items.. Bholenaath (for that matter any god or goddess) look for your pure devotional prayers and attitude. Mahaadev is pleased with even one tumbler of water offered with pure heart rest all is up to us how far we want to take it.

For more formal installation and daily rituals I found this from trusted source :--
While chanting "Om Namah Shivaaya" or singing the "Mahaa Mrityunjaya Mantra", wash first the lingam in the bowl containing the clean water. After a through bath, wipe dry with a soft tissue. Follow this with milk and then with rose water. After the final bath, install it in a place of worship with full love and devotion. Apply "Vibooti", sandal paste and then "saffron". After that offer the incense or Dhoop of Googal. Bilva leaf will compliment the lingam along with flowers. Rudram chanting pleases Lord Shiv which is either recited or played during the Abhishek (Divine Bathing). Sanskrit Mantra are coined in such a way that they are shelled with divine vibrations and it certainly heals the environment and atmosphere. The above process is the Poojaa and if done with a pure heart and consciousness and true aspiration, the Lord will certainly accept it.



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