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2-Sheikh Chillee's Daydreaming-1

Once Sheikh Chillee bought some eggs, kept them in a basket, and was carrying them to his home on his head. While going he thought - "What good it will be if they all hatch and I get so many hens." First he smiled on his foolishness, but then again continued to think in the same line.

But suppose, if they hatch. I will have so many hens. Then in turn those hens will give many chickens. In turn those chickens will produce many eggs and then chickens and then more eggs and more chickens. After some time I will be a rich man. I will not need to go market myself, I will employ some people to buy and sell them.

First of of all I will build a big house for me. I will have one room for sleeping, one for sitting, one for eating and I will have silken curtains in each of them. I will have one large room for my old mother too, an airy one. I will employ several servants who will serve me everything wherever I will be sitting, so that I don't need to do anything myself.

After that I will marry. My wife will be very beautiful and we will talk for hours together. She will never work in the kitchen because she will also have several maids around to do her work.

Then we will have children. I will have at least 6 children who will run around the house. How enjoyable that scene will be? When they will grow, they will also get married and will have children. By that time we will be old. Naturally as we will be old, we will not be able to tolerate our grandchildren's games.

As Sheikh Chillee was going thinking like this, that he hit a big stone lying on the road in front of him and his basket of eggs fell down from his head. His all eggs were broken and so was is dream of his house and marriage and children.



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