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1-Sheikh Chillee Went for Stealing

Once Sheikh Chillee was going home in the night. It was late in the night and he was alone in the lane. He saw four people going quietly in that lane. Sheikh Chillee thought - "I am going home, but these people? Where are they going? Let me ask them." So he went to them and asked them - "I am going home, but where are you going?" One of them said - "We are thieves and going to steal something." Sheikh Chillee thought - "I have never done this. Since these people are going, if I go with them, I can also learn that." So he said - "Do you mind if I also go with you?" One thief asked him - "Have you ever stolen anything before?" "No." "Then we do not want to take risk, we cannot take you along with us."

Sheikh Chillee persistently requested them, so they tool him along with them and set off to steal. On their way they said to him - "Do as we say to you, otherwise you will put us in trouble." "All right." The thieves found a house with door open, so they entered that house. Now that house was of an old woman who forgot to lock her door and slept just like that. As they entered the house, they found an old woman sleeping on a bed and some Kheer pot was on fire to be cooked. Kheer was smelling very  sweet.

All thieves started looking for something which they could steal from that house, but Sheikh Chillee was interested in Kheer. He went near the Kheer and found that it was already cooked and was ready to eat. he took some Kheer in a bowl and started eating it. he found it very tasty. He looked around him to make certain that the woman was not awake. He noticed that she was sleeping extending her arm with open palm. He thought that woman was also asking for some Kheer. So he took out some Kheer from the pot and kept on that old woman's open palm. Kheer was hot. It burnt her hand. The old woman cried - "Thief, thief."

When thieves heard this they hid here and there. Sheikh Chillee climbed up and sat on a sill above. One of the thieves hid below that sill. The woman had awaken fully, so she made noise so her neighbors also came there and asked her what was the matter. She told that that she was cooking Kheer that she dozed off. It seemed that some thieves came in the house, because one of them kept some hot Kheer on her palm, of course now she cannot see anybody.

The neighbors looked around and their eyey caught the man hid below the sill. They caught him and asked him - "Tell us, what do you know about this theft?" When they asked him several times, he said - "I don't anything [and pointing above he said] only Ooper Waalaa (this word has two meanings in Hindi - one is God and the other is whoever is hiding above) knows it." The neighbors took its meaning as God, but when he repeated it several times, Sheikh Chillee could not resist. He jumped down from the sill and said curtly - "What? Only Ooper Waalaa knows everything and you don't know anything?"

After saying this he told the whole story and all thieves were caught and sent to jail.



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