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Taken from   Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u10

Love story of Ushaa and Aniruddh is very famous and interesting love story in Hindu mythology. Aniruddh was the grandson of Krishn and Rukminee, and the son of Pradyumn (son of Krishn and Rukminee). He was married to the granddaughter of Rukmee (brother of Rukminee).

Ushaa was born in a Daitya family. Hiranyakashyap -> Prahlaad -> Virochan -> Bali -> Baanaasur. She was the daughter of Baanaasur. Baanaasur was a very mighty Daitya. He had 1,000 arms and had Shiv Jee as the guard of his city by his Var (boon). Once Ushaa saw a young man in her dream loving her passionately. She lost so much in his love that she wished that he should marry her. At the same time her eyes opened and she started weeping for his love. Her face went yellow and she got sad in his remembrance.

In a couple of days time, her best friend Chitralekhaa, the daughter of Baanaasur's Minister, asked her what was the matter? Why she was so sad? Ushaa told her everything, that how she saw a young man in her dream and she started loving him. Now she wanted to marry him. Chitralekhaa asked her who he was? But Ushaa could not tell her. Without knowing it was difficult to know about him and till he is known, how could she marry him?

Chitralekhaa was a very good artist. She started drawing sketches of known people and started asking her if it was he. First she drew the sketches of Devtaa, then Asur, then Gandharv, then Yaksh but Chitralekhaa denied to see every sketch seen in the dream. Now she started drawing kings' sketches, princes' sketches, but still Ushaa denied to see those in her dream. Now she drew Krishn's sketch. Seeing His sketch Ushaa jumped up and said - "Yes, he was like this, but this man looks a bit old. Then Chitralekhaa drew Pradyumn's sketch. This time Ushaa jumped up with little more enthusiasm and said - "Yes, he was like this but this sketch is not his." Now she drew Aniruddh's sketch. Seeing this sketch, Ushaa embraced the paper and took a deep sigh. Chitralekhaa understood that he was the one whom Ushaa saw in her dream.

Then she told her about the man. She said - "He is the grandson of Krishn and the son of Pradyumn. What do you intend to do now?" Ushaa said - "I cannot live without him, I need him." Now how to bring them together? Again Chitralekhaa was a great help to her. She knew how to fly, so she said - "He lives in Dwaarakaa. I will go to Dwaarakaa and bring him here while he is sleeping." So one night she flew to Dwaarakaa, brought sleeping Aniruddh and settled him down in the room of Ushaa. When Aniruddh woke up he found himself in an unknown place. Ushaa was waiting for him to wake up. So as he woke up he saw Ushaa near him, he asked her - "Where am I? What is this place? Who are you? How did I come here?" Ushaa told him the whole story from seeing him in her dream till Chitralekhaa brought him to her. Ushaa was very beautiful. Aniruddh also fell in love with her and they started living together.

Ushaa's palace was heavily guarded by Baanaasur's guards. For sometime they could not know anything, but after a while they suspected something so they reported it to Baanaasur. Baanaasur himself came there to see and came to know about Aniruddh. He got very angry. On Krishn's side, Krishn and Pradyumn also got worried about the sudden disappearance of their son Aniruddh. They were thinking that where their son could be, that Naarad Jee came there and told them about his whereabouts.

Krishn and Pradyumn took their army and went to Baanaasur's place and asked him to hand over their son to them, but Baanaasur did not give Aniruddh to them, so they attacked Baanaasur. Since Shiv Jee was the guard of his city, he came out to defend Baanaasur's city. Both Krishn and Shiv fought. In the end Shiv seemed to be losing. Baanaasur also came out and fought with Krishn. Krishn  cut his all arms leaving his two arms. Seeing this Shiv fell on Krishn's feet and asked Him to spare the life of his Bhakt Baanaasur. Krishn said - "As you say, but otherwise also I did not kill him as I had already bestowed a boon to Prahlaad that I will not kill anyone born in your family."

After this Baanaasur had married his daughter Ushaa to Krishn's grandson Aniruddh and Krishn and Pradyumn went back to Dwaarakaa taking Ushaa and Aniruddh along with them.



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