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Vishnu-2: Footmark on His Chest



Vishnu-2: How Vishnu Got a Footmark on His Chest?
From Padm Puraan, Uttar Khand

1. Vishnu's 10 Avataar
2. Footmark on His Chest

Do you know that Vishnu has got a footmark on His chest? Have you ever thought that how did He get it? Who could that be who could dare to hit his foot on His chest? Read this story.

Once many great Rishi sat to do Yagya on the bank of Saraswatee River. They had an argument that who is the highest among the three Dev - Brahmaa, Vishnu or Shiv? So they sent Bhrigu Jee to take their test. Maharshi Bhrigu, first went into the court of Brahmaa Jee. He tried his patience, so neither he greeted him, nor he prayed him. At this he felt that Brahmaa Jee was lighted with his own Tej and he got angry. But when Brahmaa Jee saw that that was his own son only, Bhrigu, he suppressed his anger. Bhrigu Jee did not like his behavior.

From there Bhrigu Jee went to Kailaash Parvat where Shankar Jee lives. When Shankar Jee saw that my brother Bhrigu has come, he spread his arms to hug him. But Bhrigu Jee did not welcome his hug and said - "You disobeyed the world and Ved, that is why I don't hug you."  Hearing this Shankar Jee got extremely angry and he wanted to kill Bhrigu Jee with his Trishool (trident), but Satee Jee requested him not to do so and pacified Him.

Now Bhrigu Jee went to Vishnu Dhaam - Vaikunth Lok. There Bhagavaan was resting putting His head in Lakshmee Jee's lap. Bhrigu Jee hit His chest with his foot. Bhagavaan got up immediately from His bed and greeted Muni bending His head. He immediately took his foot in His hands and caressing it asked - "Hey Brahman!  Did you hurt your foot, Maharshi?" Bhrigu did not speak anything. Vishnu again said - "You are welcome in Vaikunth Lok. Please sit on this Aasan and take some rest. I didn't know that you were coming, that is why I could not welcome you properly. Please forgive me. Muni!   Your lotus feet are very soft (He caressed them saying thus). The water from your feet makes even Teerth holy, so you make us also holy. My all Paap are washed away with the touch of your foot. Now Lakshmee will stay here on my chest marked by your foot."   When Bhagavaan spoke thus seriously, then Bhrigu Jee got very satisfied. Tears of satisfaction came out of his eyes and silently he came back from there. 

He told everything to everybody. Since they regarded Vishnu the greatest, they felt very satisfied. His favorite figure is Sattwa and His Isht Dev are Braahman. His Gun Maayaa has made three figures - Raakshas, Asur, Devtaa. Among them His Sattwa figure is the means to attain Him."

[This is the example of tolerance, respect to Braahman and politeness to others. Whoever folows them is considered great.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
Modified on 05/05/13