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Vishnu-1:Vishnu's 10 Avataar



Vishnu-1:Vishnu's 10 Avataar

1. Vishnu's 10 Avataar
2. Footmark on His Chest

Vishnu is one of the Tri-Moorti, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv, among Indian gods' pantheon. Vishnu has already incarnated 23 times to help Devtaa, save mankind and help spreading Dharm, but His 9 Avataar are the main ones. The 24th and the main 10th one is yet to come - in the end of this Kali Yug. Which are these Avataar?

1. Matsya Avataar (Fish Incarnation)

2. Kashchap Avataar (Tortoise Incarnation)

3. Varaah Avataar (Boar Incarnation)

4. Narasinh Avataar (Human with Lion's head)

5. Vaaman Avataar (Human Dwarf Incarnation)

6. Parashuraam (Human with Pharasaa)

7. Raam (Human Incarnation)

8. Krishn (Human Incarnation - Poorn Avataar)

9. Buddha (Human Incarnation)

10. Kalki (Yet to come)



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