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Hanumaan's Stories-2

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Hanumaan's Stories-2

1. Birth of Hanumaan
2. Hanumaan Burnt Lankaa
3. Hanumaan helps Raam in Raam-Raavan War

Hanumaan Burnt Lankaa
Hanumaan was very brave. Later he was sent to Sugreev to serve him.

When Raam was exiled for 14 years, He came to live in Dandak Van with His wife Seetaa and brother Lakshman. A Raakshas Raavan took Seetaa away from their hut when Raam went to bring a golden deer for Seetaa, and Lakshman went to rescue Him at His call from a distant place. When Raam and Lakshman came back, they didn't find Seetaa there. They went in search of her. On their way they met Jataayu vulture who told them that Raavan had taken their Seetaa. He in fact fought with Raavan to save Seetaa but could not save her and died after telling this to Raam. Later they met Hanumaan who was one of Sugreev's Ministers. Hanumaan took them to his King Sugreev and asked them to be each other's friends. Sugreev was a brave Vaanar king. Sugreev assured Raam that he would help Him to find Seetaa. He sent search parties in all the four directions.

Hanumaan was assigned to go to South. Raam gave him His ring as an identification to show to Seetaa, if he met her, and to tell her that he was Raam's messenger. Hanumaan went to seashore and sat there worried as how to cross the sea. All other Vaanar also could not cross it. Then Angad who was the party leader talked like this - "This is very sad that Jataayu gave his life to save Seetaa, and we are not able even to cross this sea."

By chance Jataayu's brother Sampaati was sitting in a nearby cave and hearing this. Hearing the name of his brother, he came to them and asked about his brother as how did they know him. Angad told him the whole story of Jataayu, so he also intended to help Raam.  He told them that he was able to see Seetaa in Lankaa of Raavan, but he himself could not help them as he as very old. Then Jaambvaan reminded him his powers and Hanumaan crossed the sea to go to Lankaa.

While crossing the sea, he faced a Devtaa's mother Surasaa who wanted to eat him but Hanumaan was so intelligent that he came out safe after going into her mouth. He met another Raakshas who ate the sky creatures capturing their shadow in the sea. When he saw Hanumaan's shadow in the sea, he captured it also and wanted to eat him, but Hanumaan killed him.

Then he came to Lankaa and met Lankinee named Raakshasee who was the chief guard of Lankaa. When she wanted to stop him going inside Lankaa, he hit her with his fist and she almost fainted. In Lankaa, he met Vibheeshan also and found Seetaa sitting in Ashok Van of Raavan. He waited on the tree under which she was sitting until he found the opportunity to show himself. 

When she was alone, Hanumaan dropped Raam's ring in front of her to let her know that he was Raam's messenger. Then he jumped down from the tree and showed himself in person. He then wanted to show something to Raavan. So he asked permission from Seetaa to eat fruits from the trees there. Seetaa gave her permission. So he ate some fruits and rooted out many trees. Seeing this destruction of the Van, the guards of that Van went to Raavan to report about it. Raavan sent his Raakshas to bring him to him but Hanumaan killed most of them. Then Raavan sent his son Akshaya Kumaar to bring him, but Hanumaan killed him also. Then Raavan sent his another son Meghnaad to bring him. He tied him with Naag Paash and brought him to his father.

Hanumaan tried his best to pursue him to return Seetaa to Raam but Raavan was firm in his ideas. Rather he ordered his Raakshas to take him and set fire in his tail so that when he goes to Raam without his tail, Raam could know his strength. Raakshas took him, tied rags to his tail, wetted the rags with oil and set the fire. Hanumaan increased his tail so much so that, it is said, it consumed all the rags and oil of Lankaa.

Hanumaan's father Vaayu Dev started fanning the fire and he climbed over the roofs of palaces and started burning their palaces. He burned the whole Lankaa except the place where Seetaa was living and Vibheeshan was living. He put out the fire of his tail by jumping into the sea. Then he came to Seetaa, took an identification from her, her Choodaamani, and came back to Raam. He showed Seetaa's identification to Raam and told him everything that happened there.

What happened next........????



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