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Story No 2

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2-A Sweeper and A Noble Lady

During the season of Makkaa pilgrimage, when the people were circumambulating the Holy House, a man laid hold the covering of the Kaabaa, and cried out from the bottom of his heart - "I pray you, Allaah, that she may once again be angry with her husband and that I may know her." Some pilgrims heard him, seized him and carried him beating to the Ameer of the Pilgrims. They said to him - "We found this fellow in the Holy Place saying thus." Ameer ordered him to be hanged, but he cried - "O Ameer, I request you to hear my story then do what ever you like." The Ameer said - "OK, Tell me your story."

The man said - "O Ameer, I am a sweeper and work in the sheep slaughterhouses and carry off the blood and other things to rubbish heaps outside the gate. As I was doing this with my ass loaded, I saw the people running away, and one of them said to me, "Enter this lane, lest they slay you." I asked him - "Why these folks are running away?" And one of the eunuchs said to me - "This is the Harem of one of the notables and the eunuchs are driving people out of her way and are beating them all without respect to the person."

So I turned aside with my donkey and stood still awaiting or dispersing the crowd. I saw a number of eunuchs carrying staff in their hands, followed by some 30 women slaves and amongst them was a lady, perfect in beauty and grace. When she came to the mouth of the passage where I was standing, she turned right and left and calling one of the eunuchs, whispered in his ear. He came to me and held me, while another eunuch took my ass and ran away with it. Then the first one dragged me, I did not know what to do.

The people followed us crying out saying - "This is not fair. What this man has done that he is tied with ropes and is being dragged like this." and prayed the eunuchs to have pity on me and leave me alone. And I was thinking that maybe their mistress had smelt the stink of the butchery and had made her sick. Maybe she is pregnant or sick. So I continued walking behind them till they stopped at the door of big house. They took me inside in a big hall, furnished with the finest drapery and furniture. The woman also entered the hall. I was sure that they will torture me till I die.

However, they took me to a bathroom. There came three girls and asked me to take off my torn clothes, and they fell on my body rubbing different parts of my body. When I have finished bathing, they gave me a bundle of clothes to wear, and I did not know how to wear them. They laughed at me, and dressed me. One of them brought some rose water to sprinkle on my body and then I came out of the bathroom.

I was taken to another room where a lady was sitting on an ivory throne and several girls were standing in front of her. The lady called me and made me sit beside her. She asked her maids to bring food, which they brought soon. I ate to my fill, then she asked them to bring fruits, and then to bring wine. We drank wine. It all seemed to me like a dream. Then she asked one girl to spread the bed, when she did it, she took me there, and lay there. I lay with her till morning.

Next day she asked me where I lived. I told her. Then she gave me a handkerchief embroidered with gold and silver tied something in it, and said - "Go to the bath with it." I thought if there were only five coppers, they will buy me a morning meal. I came home and opened the handkerchief and found 50 gold pieces. I buried them in the ground buying two farthings (half penny) worth bread and pickle, sat at the door and ate it. After eating I just sat pondering over the previous day's events till my afternoon prayers time, that a slave-girl came and told me that her mistress had called for me. I followed her to the same house where I went before. She asked me to sit with her, and again the same program took place as yesterday. Next morning she again gave me a handkerchief with other 50 Deenaar tied in it. I took them home and buried them as before.

This continued for eight days - going in the afternoon and coming back next morning. On eighth day, in the night, a slave-girl came running to me and asked to hide in a nearby closet. I did so. I heard the sound of horses' feet so I peeped outside the window and I saw a very handsome young man coming surrounded by his servants and soldiers on foot. He came in the room and found the lady sitting on the couch, he kissed the ground in front of her, then he kissed her hands, but she would not speak to him. He patiently soothed her till he made peace with her. Then he spent the night together. In the morning he went away.

After he had left, she came to me and asked - "Did you see this man?" "Yes." "He is my husband and I will tell you what has happened to me with him. It so happened one day that we were sitting in the garden that he rose from my side and was absent for a long while. I got tired of waiting, so I went in the house, checked him there, then I went in the kitchen. I saw a maid there and asked her if she had seen him. She showed me him with a cook maid. Then I took an oath that I will do adultery with one of the foulest and filthiest men of Bagadaad. I went around for four days about the city and found you. So I picked you and what happened afterwards, you know well. Now I am quit to my oath. Now if my husband is found again with that cook maid, I will call you again."

These words pierced my heart, and I wept. She gave me another 50 Deenaar (making 400 in all) and asked me to leave. I came out of her house and came here to pray that she be angry with her husband again so that I can be with her again."

When Ameer of the Pilgrims heard his story, he set him free, saying, "Pray for him, he is excusable."



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