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1- The Tale of a Simple Husband

There lived, in ancient times, a foolish and ignorant man. He had lots of wealth and beautiful wife who loved a handsome youth. The cicisbeo watched for her husband's absence and come to her and stayed with her.

One day when the woman was with her lover, he said to her - "You love me very much, then you love me in front of your husband also, other wise I will never come to you again throughout my life." Since she loved him very much and could not tolerate his separation, nor could she make him angry, she said to him - "Bismillaah, So be it." He asked - "Today?" She replied - "Yes, by your life." and made an appointment with him for this.

When her husband had come home, she said to him - "I want to go for pleasure." and he said, "By all means." So they went to good place where there vines and water. He took her, pitched a tent for her by the side of a tall tree. She went to a place alongside of the tent and hid his lover there. Then she said to her husband, that she wanted to climb the tree, he said, "Do so." She did so and when she came near the tree top, she cried out and slapped her face saying - "O lusty man, You say that you have faith in me and you lie to me." She repeated her speech a couple of times more. Then she came down of the tree, took off her clothes and said - "O lusty man, Do you deal with me like this before me, what happens when you are away from me?"

Her husband asked her - "What is the problem with you?" She said - "I saw you flattering a woman before my own eyes." He cried - "Not so, by Allaah, but hold yourself till I go up and see myself." So he climbed up the tree and as soon as he started climbing up the tree, her lover came out and took the woman to love her. When the husband came on the top of the tree, he looked a man loving his wife, so he called out - "O whore, What are you doing this?" He came down from the tree as soon as possible, but meanwhile the lover had returned to his place and his wife asked - "What did you see?" He answered - "I saw a man loving you." She said - "You are lying. You did not see this, you were imagining the things."

He went up three times, and every time he climbed the tree, the lover came out of his hiding place and loved her, while her husband looked on; and when he came down the tree, she denied - "You are lying, you must be imagining." Then he will climb again and saw the same scene but while on the ground he saw nothing. So he said to her - "Let us go from this place. This place seems to be inhabited by Genies." So they returned to their house.

When the man woke up in the morning, he assured himself that it was all fantasy, and so the lover won his wicked intention.



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