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Story No 71-5

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71-5 - The Sayings of Haykar the Sage:
Haykar Kills His Nephew

As the King Sankhareeb heard about his coming, he went forth and welcomed him with exceeding joy, and kissed him and cried - "Welcome home, O Glory of my realm." The Minister said - "Live forever O King, If you want to give me something, give your boons to Aboo Sumaik whose wise delay to kill me gave me second life." The King said - "Sure, I will." Then they talked for a while. The King said to him - "You may take anything you want from this." Haykar said - "O King, I do not want anything except your life and your rule should be forever. What will I do of this money? But if you want to give me something, give me my sister's son Naadaan who deceived me." The King said - "Take him. He is all yours."

So Haykar took his nephew to his home, bound his hands and beat him and tortured him upon his soles, calves, back, belly ... After this he threw him in a black hole near the outhouse. He asked his servant to give him a scone of bread and a little water and whenever Haykar went to him he reminded him of his own wisdom - "I taught you such good things and you return me like this - with evil, treason and death?" Naadaan said - "Why are you angry with me?" "Because even if I did so good to you and you brought me ruin and destruction and death. You have been a scorpion, who can even pierce brass with her sting, to me. O Son, A hand which doesn't work, or is greedy, or over-smart is cut. Now my intent is to pluck your eyes and cut your tongue and strike off your head, and then give your body to wolves."

At this Naadaan said - "Do whatever your goodness permits, then overlook my all crimes, because there is nobody who can defend me. I just pray you to take me as your servant to groom your horses, even to sweep their dung, and herd your pigs, for certainly I am the evil-doer and the sinner and you are the pardoner." Haykar said - "O Son, You are like that tree which was planted by many waters still it did not produce dates, then its owner felled it down, then it said - "Take me to some other ground where I can fruit." The owner said - "Where will you fruit when you could not fruit being so near the water?" O Son, Who does good, his lot is good and who does evil, only evil will befall on him; that is how the Lord compensate mankind according to its acts." 

After hearing all this from his uncle Naadaan died."

End of Story No 71



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