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Story No 70

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70 - The Hermits

A certain hermit worshipped on a certain mountain. There lived a pair of pigeon also. The hermit made two parts of his daily food, eating one part himself and the other one gave to the pigeons. He also prayed for them that they could have children too. After a while the pigeons went away from there and the hermit died.

Now it is told that on a certain other mountain there lived a shepherd, a very holy man. He had a flocks of sheep and he made his living by their milk and wool. The mountain over which he lived had lots of trees and pastures including wild animals. Once he fell sick so he took himself to a cavern, and his flocks used to go out in the morning and come back to the cave in the night.

One day Allaah sent him His Angel in the form of a beautiful woman. When the shepherd saw a beautiful woman sitting in front of him, he asked her - "What made you come here? I don't need you." She said - "Don't you see my beauty and loveliness? Who is the man who does not need the woman, and who is the woman who does not need the man? I wish to live with you because you need the services of a woman. You will be all right and healthy."

Shepherd said - "Go out from here. I don't need you because you seduce the mankind." She again said - "Look at me, and take me in your service as other wise people have done before you." The shepherd said - "I know how much foulness you hide under your beauty." Then he threw his goat's hair cloak on his head so that he cannot see her face and started reciting name of Allaah. When the Angel saw his submission to Allaah, he went out of the cave and ascended to Heaven.

Now by the Hermit's hill there lived a pious man who had no other place to live, till one night he had a dream. A voice said to him - "In a place near to you, lives a devotee. Go to him and obey him." So when he woke up in the morning, he went to look for him. It was very hot, so he sat down under a tree which was beside a running water stream. and he saw beasts and birds coming there to drink but as they saw the devotee sitting there, they got afraid of him and fled from there. So he said to himself, "I should not rest here, because in this way I will be hurting these beasts." So he blamed himself that I did not allow them to take water there. Thinking thus he wept. 

Then he came to the place of the Shepherd and saluted him. The shepherd wept and embraced him saying - "How could you come here because nobody has ever come here?" The other devotee said - "I saw in sleep one man who described me your living place and asked me to come here to salute you." The Shepherd welcomed him rejoicing his company and both lived on that mountain worshipping Allaah. 

And this is the end of this story."



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