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Riddles-3 (15-22)

Riddle 15 - Drying Six Dresses

If a dress is dried in one hour, then how many hours six dresses will take to dry?
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]

Riddle 16 - Four Quart Milk

You have two measures to measure your milk. One of 5 quart and the other of 3 quart. You have to measure 4 quart of milk to somebody. How will you measure it? You can measure only twice.
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]

Riddle 17 - Border Problem

A plane is flying from New York (USA) to Toronto (Canada). It crashes on the border of the USA and Canada - half in the USA and half in Canada. Where will its survivors be buried?
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]

Riddle 18 - Two Coins Problem

There are two coins, whose addition is 30 and one of them is not a nickel. What are they?
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]

Riddle 19 - Add These

Is half of 2 plus 2, equal to 2 or 3?
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]

Riddle 20 - Dig Half a Hole

If it takes three people to dig a hole, how many people will dig half a hole?
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]

Riddle 21 - Find the Odd Noun

The following are the two lists of nouns which have a different way to change to their plurals. But there is only one noun among them which is changed differently. Which one is that?

List A                 List B
Man                    Girl
Foot                    Hand
Child                   Adult
Tooth                   Toe
Mouse                  Goose
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]

Riddle 22 - Truck Problem

A large truck was crossing a bridge which was a mile long. The bridge can take only 14,000 lbs load, which is the exact weight of the truck. The truck makes it half way across the bridge and stops. A bird lands on the truck. Will the bridge collapse? Give a reason.
[See the answer on Riddles Answers-3]



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