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Numbers in Our Lives

Numbers are not only for counting, they mean to us more than that. See on the next page as how various numbers mean differently in our lives:

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There are many Hindi words used in these descriptions. They are all transliterated in the following way. This way is used only to pronounce these words correctly :

Hindi           English used here       Sound as                   

a                    a                                 ab, anaar,
aa                 aa                                aam, aap, aas paas,
i                      i                                 imlee, is, itnaa, phir
ee                  ee                               eekh, peeth, jeet
u                    u                                  ulloo, rulaanaa
oo                   oo                               ooper, roothanaa
e                    e                                 ek,
ai                   ai                                 ainak, aisaa,
o                    o                                 omkaar, okhalee,
au                   au                               aurat, aur,
an                   n                                angoor, Ang,
ah                   ah                              namah

Most consonants do not include "a" in the last to make them full, so Krishn is different from Krishnaa, or Raavan is different from Raavanaa. A is used is with the consonant in the middle wherever it is a fear that it could be used as half consonant also, such as in the word Kamalaa. Wherever half consonant is used, it is used without "a", such as Kuntee.



Home | Shishu Sansaar | Numbers


Numbers-1  |  Numbers-2 | Numbers-3

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