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Game No 6:
Division of Elephants

There was a King who loved music very much. Once he became very pleased with the music of three brothers. He gave them 17 elephants and said, "Divide these elephants among yourself such that the eldest brother gets its half share, the middle one gets one third share and the youngest one gets one ninth share. Brothers went to their home and wanted to divide those elephants as per king's wish, but then nobody would get the whole elephant. They had to cut pieces of the elephant. They went to their village head and explained their problem. Village head said, "No problem. For your division I will include my elephant too." And he divided the elephants according to King's wish.

He then took his elephant and went home. Tell us how many elephants each of the three brothers got?

It is not difficult. Try it. And if you cannot tell go to Games' Answers Page-2

Game No 7:
A Miser Baniyaa

There was a miser Baniyaa who was very famous for his miserliness. There was a Thug too. He also heard about his miserliness. He thought to let Baniyaa down with his skills. He came to the Baniyaa and said, "Baniyaa Bhaaee, you can keep 100,000 Rupees every day for one month." Baniyaa got interested immediately and impatiently asked, "How?" Thug said, " I will give you 100,000 rupees for one month." Baniyaa asked, "But why will you give me 100,000 rupees?" The Thug said, "For your welfare, but I will ask you one favor in return." "What?" "You will give me one rupee in return of 100,000 rupees and every next day you will double the money of the previous day till 30 days are over."

Baniyaa got very happy with this bargain. He got ready for this immediately. "So when will you start?" "From tomorrow" Baniyaa could not sleep the whole night. Early in the morning, the Thug came and brought 100,000 rupees and gave them to the Baniya and took one rupee and went away. next day again Thug gave him 100,000 rupees and took 2 rupees and went away. Baniyaa was very happy with this bargain, but soon he went bankrupt and the this program got a halt. WHY?

To know the reason see the Answers Page-2.

Game No 8:
How Many Days to Cover the Pond?

There is a pond, and in there is a lily plant. Now the lily plant doubles in its size every day. And it can cover the whole pond in 30 days only.

Now suppose, if there are two lily plants in the beginning, how many days they will take to cover the pond? 29 days. HOW?

Check the answer at Answers Page-2.

Game No 9:
Where Has One Rupee Gone?

Raam went to buy a Saaree for his wife. Shop owner was not there so a shopkeeper attended him. Raam bought a Saaree for 50 Rupees (Indian currency) and gave the money to him and started for his house. In the meantime the shop owner came and when shopkeeper gave that money to him, the shop owner said, "It costs 45 rupees only, take these 5 rupees and give back to him." The shopkeeper ran and gave Ram only 3 rupees. He kept 2 rupees for himself.

Now Raam came home and told his wife that Saaree cost him 47 Rupees
(50 Rupees - 3 Rupees), while the shopkeeper had only 2 Rupees. Then where did 1 Rupee go?

Find the answer on Answers Page-2.

Game No 10:
How Many Rupees?

A father gave 500 Rupees to his son as a gift, while the other father gave 300 Rupees to his son. But when both sons calculated their money, they got only 500 Rupees in all. HOW?

Check for the answer on Answers Page-2.



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