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Experience has shown that Shani's Mantra Jaap, Stotra, and prayer appease Shani sooner than Shani Daan and desire is fulfilled sooner. It can be done in a few days by any good Braahman. This Mantra Jaap should be completed in 21 days, do Yagya methodically, give Dakshinaa to the Braahman and one should pray to Shani Dev to be happy. It is necessary to follow all Shaastra prescribed guidelines, other wise there is doubt in the fulfillment of the desire.

Destiny cannot be changed, as the mother, father, brother, sister, home, family cannot be changed.

There are many places of pilgrimage of God Shani in India, such as:

(1) Shree Kshetra Shanishingnapur, Taalukaa Nivaas, District Ahmednagar (Mahaaraashtra.)
(2) Nastanpur Raakshasa Bhuvan, Nandgaaon, District Naasik (Mahaaraashtra).
(3) Shanishchar Badaseshwar, Ujjain, Gwalior, (MP)
(4) Pimpalgaaona, Lamaretaa Ghaat, Jabalpur (MP).
(5) Tirullar (Tamilnaadu)
(6) Kokilaa Van, Mathuraa (UP)
(7) Shree Shani Teerth Birjaapur
(8) Shree Shani Dev, Durg, Chhatteesgarh
(9) Shani Bhavan, Shree Shani Teerth, Aurangaabad (Mahaaraashtra)
(10) Shaneeshwar Dhaam, Kosee Gaaon (UP)

Among all the above places of worship of God Shani, the one at Shanishingnapur is at the first place.

A Miracle
Jan 15, 2011

This mail was posted in "Om Namah Shivaya" Group of Yahoo on Jan 12, 2001.
"It is about an unexplainable scientific observation from NASA (USA) about our Thirunallar
Temple of Shaneeswar. It is a true, unbelievable observation and NOT a hoax mail. A few years ago US sent a satellite which kept revolving round our globe and whenever it crossed right above the spot of Thirunallaar (east coastal Divine place of Tamil Naadu) it staggers, moves forward very slowly for a while ! NASA observed it and is puzzled! It is also found that during the SANI- PEYARCHCHI , a most sacred festival of the place, say once in 30 months, a very dense UV rays falls from the Space on the place (it seems there is always a greater flow of UV rays compared to the quota received by any other part of our earth at that place ; and during the said festival the density gets more!) No explanations from the Scientists. Just accept it
as a miracle . It is not a fiction.

(Now, let me share my views ! There is a known story that THE TIME (Kaal) punished Shaneeshwar by hitting his knee with a rod causing the latter walk slowly; and the very word Shani came from the root Sanskrit word Shanaih (slow) - Shanaishcharam meaning one who walks slowly. Refer the song of Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar on Him in his Navaavarn composition - Kaal Dand Paripeedit Jaanum - Divaakar Tanujam - Shanaishcharm) describing the whole episode. Perhaps the US satellite also pays its salutations to him as it crosses above over him by moving slowly or may be forced to stagger by his powers ! You may imagine in either way!)

he NASA story may be true, but we have never heard of Kaal's story about hitting a rod on Shani's knee. Why did he hit his leg, that is also not described in this mail.



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