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53-Vrat Kathaa-Mangal

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Vrat Kathaa-Mangal or Hanumaan
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Mangal (Mars) Vow

Mangal (Mars) vow is a very popular fast and is dedicated to Hanumaan. After fasting, Hanumaan is worshipped with sweets and fruits. The Kathaa of Mangal Vaar and Hanumaan Chaaleesaa should be read and recited. From Mangal Vaar Vrat, flows success, happiness, strength, both physical and moral, and quick recovery from illness. It also helps in overcoming the enemies. In this Vrat one should eat wheat and jaggery and should be taken only once. This Vrat should be observed for 21 Tuesdays. On this day offer red flowers and wear red clothes. In the last, one should recite Mangal Vaar's Kathaa and worship Hanumaan Jee.

Mangal Vaar Kathaa

There was a Braahman couple who did not have any child, so they were very sad. Once Braahman went to forest to worship Hanumaan Jee. He prayed for a son while worshipping him. At home his wife used to keep fast for Hanumaan Jee and prayed for a son. At the end of the day she first offered food to Hanumaan Jee and then only used to take food herself. Once she observed some special fast, so she could not cook food and thus could not offer anything to Hanumaan Jee also. She just slept like that. In the night Hanumaan Jee came in her dream and said - "I am very happy with your devotion, so I give you a child who will serve you very well." Hanumaan Jee got disappeared after giving her a son. She got very happy to get that boy, she named him Mangal.

After a while that Braahman also came back home. He saw a boy in his house. He asked his wife, "Who is this boy?" She said - "Pleased with my Vrat, Hanumaan Jee has given me this child." He did not believe her and considered her a bad character woman. One day Braahman was going to bring water from a well, his wife said to him - "Take Mangal along with you." He took Mangal with you but he threw him in the well. When he came back carrying water, his wife asked him "Where is Mangal?" The then she saw Mangal entering the house smiling. Braahman got very surprised to see him there.

In the night Hanumaan Jee told him in his dream, "I have given her this child, why do you call her a bad character woman? Braahman got very happy to hear this. Then both started keeping fast on every Tuesday. Whoever keeps fast on Tuesdays or reads or recites this Kathaa he always lives under the grace of Hanumaan Jee.



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