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35-Birth of Karn

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Birth of Karn
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Karn was the son of Kuntee and Soorya. Kuntee was the wife of Paandu and mother of three out of five Paandav - Yudhishthir, Bheem, and Arjun. But she was the mother of Karn also.

When Kuntee was in her father Kuntibhoj's house, once Durvaasaa Rishi came there. She served him very well and pleased him with her services. He asked her to ask for any Var. Kuntee said - "Mahaaraaj, you can foresee the future, give me such a Var which is useful for my future." Then Durvaasaa Rishi gave her a Mantra which could compel any Devtaa to come and give her what she wanted.

Now one day, a desire arose in her heart that she should test that Mantra. She offered Jal (water) to Soorya Dev and continued to see him for some time. When she again offered Jal to him, some other day, she used that Mantra which was given by Durvaasaa Rishi. Although she was just testing it but Soorya Dev really appeared before her and asked - "Kuntee, what do you want?" Kuntee got scared seeing him in front of her, and she said - "Hey Dev, I don't need anything. Muni Durvaasaa gave me a Mantra, I was just testing it. You may go now."

Soorya Dev said - "Kuntee, I can't go now without giving you something, because this will be insult to Durvaasaa'a Mantra. And if this Mantra fails then the minute balance of this Universe will also be imbalanced, therefore I give you a son." Kuntee again got scared, she said, "Son? But I am an unmarried girl. If I will have a son, I will be defamed in the society." Soorya Dev said - "Don't worry. You will still be unmarried. He will be born with his own Kavach (protector or armor) and Kundal (ear-rings). He will be a great alms giver so you name him Karn." And thus Soorya Dev went away after giving her a son. The boy had "Kavach and Kundal" on his body. He was shining like Soorya. With this Kavach and Kundal he could win even the whole Tri-Lok. Even Vishnu's Chakra could not kill him.

Now Kuntee was worried about that son. She could not think of anything else about him except that she had to get rid of him. So she flowed him in Gangaa River keeping him in a basket. Adhirath, Shaantanu's Saarathee, used to live at a short distance from there. He was taking bath at that time in Gangaa River. He saw a basket coming in the river and heard a cry of a baby, so he opened the basket and brought the baby home. He and his wife Raadhaa were childless, so they were very happy to get that child. They brought him up as their own son.

He named him Raadheya. When Raadheya grew up, he didn't show up any interest in driving chariots, he was always interested in learning weapons and their use. Once he asked his mother that why it was so, but poor Raadhaa couldn't tell any more than this that they found him in a basket, wrapped in the finest silk, floating over Gangaa waters and she believed that he should be a son of some god or king, since he was born with Kavach and Kundal, and they were not of earthly origin.

He got educated from Parashuraam Jee. Because of his circumstances he landed in Duryodhan's camp, fought with Paandav with the desire to kill Arjun, but was killed by him. He was a great donor. He donated his life to Indra knowingly fully well that he wouldn't be able to win Arjun after.



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