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33-Birth of Hanumaan

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Birth of Hanumaan
To know more about Hanumaan read     Hanumaan

Dev Guru Brihaspati had an attendant named Punjikaasthalee Apsaraa. Once Brihaspati Jee gave her a Shaap, "You be born as a female monkey." But this Shaap was supposed to be over when she would give birth to Shiv's Avataar. So she was born as Anjanee in Mahaatmaa Kunjar Vaanar's house, got married to Vaanar Kesaree, and lived with purity. She did severe Tap to please Shiv Jee and asked him the Var to have his incarnation as her son to become free from The Shaap.

Since she could take any form at her wish, once she was roaming around wearing yellow silken clothes with red border on a mountain. Vaayu Dev saw her and lifted her clothes. He found her beautiful, so he hugged her dearly. Anjanee felt the hug, so she said - "Who is that who is trying to break my vow of Paativrat (one man one wife)?"

Hearing this Vaayu Dev said - "I am not breaking your Paativrat so you need not to fear me. I am the all-permeable Vaayu Dev. My hug will give you a brave and mighty son. That son will be like me in jumping and swimming etc." Anjanee got very happy to hear this from Vaayu Dev. Then Hanumaan was born in a cave.

When Dasharath, the king of Ayodhyaa, was doing Yagya to get a son; and Agni Dev gave him a pot of Charu (divine Kheer), a bird took out some Charu from it and while flying over a forest dropped it. Pavan Dev helped putting it in outstretched hands of Anjanee, and Anjanee ate it soon. Then she gave birth to Hanumaan. Thus Hanumaan was the incarnation of Shiv, in a monkey's physical form through the grace and blessings of Pavan Dev. Anjanee and Kesaree were his earthly parents.

As Hanumaan was born to Anjanee, she was released from the Shaap, so she got ready to go to heaven. Hanumaan asked his mother as what would happen to him and how he would live on? She said - "Don't worry. You will never be destroyed and fruits as ripe as rising Sun will be your food."

There are many stories about Hanumaan Jee. He was a great Bhakt of Shree Raam. He helped Him a lot after he had met Him.



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