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18-Vikram is Back

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Vikram is Back to Himself

Now Vikram was free from all kinds of  miseries, he got back his hands and feet also. Next day when the Princess saw King Vikramaaditya, she was greatly amazed to see his condition - his hands and feet which were cut 7 and 1/2 years ago, had come back and he was whole now. Seeing her stunned, King Vikramaaditya disclosed his identity, hearing which she became very happy. She immediately told this to her friends also who in turn told this to the King Chandrasen and the Queen. Chandrasen rushed towards his daughter's place and was really surprised to see Vikram whole. Wondering he asked him - "Who are you?" "I am the thief who stole that trader's necklace."

Chandrasen said - "So I can see, but your hands and feet were cut on my order, but now I don't see them like that. Explain this mystery to me. I want to know." Vikramaaditya said - "My name is King Vikramaaditya, the King of Ujjayinee." Then he told him the whole story of his Saadhe Saatee of Shani Dev. Hearing the whole story, King Chandrasen fell on his feet and asked for his forgiveness. Vikramaaditya said - "You are innocent, O King. Shani Dev was living in me for 7 and 1/2 years, and this happened because I insulted Shani Dev. You have not done anything wrong, it was my Destiny only."

King Chandrasen married his daughter Padmsenaa to him and sent for the trader who had accused Vikramaaditya of stealing the necklace. When he came, Chandrasen asked him - "Have you found your necklace?" The trader said - "Yes, Your Majesty. A painted swan swallowed it, later only he brought it back. I was indeed surprised to see this." Chandrasen explained to him - "All this was only illusion created by Shani Dev. Because of this illusion, you accused your guest of stealing and brought him here, I also ordered to cut his hands and feet. It was so unfortunate for all of us. See, your guest is here. Do you recognize him? He is Ujjayinee's King Vikramaaditya. His Shani period is over that is why he is at peace."

The trader's eyes became round like saucers when he saw Vikramaaditya in King's palace completely all right. He fell on his feet and asked for his forgiveness. He asked for his mercy for his action but Vikramaaditya told him the same what he told Chandrasen. Hearing this the trader also married his daughter to him along with mounds of gold coins. Then the King called the oil merchant and asked him if he recognized the man sitting beside him. Vikramaaditya was shining like a sun so the merchant could not recognize him. Chandrasen said - "This is the man who was sitting on your oil press, can you recognize him now?" The oil merchant said - "Yeah, his face resembles, but I am not sure."

Then Chandrasen told him also his whole story. Hearing that he also fell on his feet and asked for his forgiveness. Chandrasen said - "Since you were so kind to him, I give you one whole village to you and your descendents." The oil merchant became very pleased at this. Vikramaaditya himself gave a village to his daughter-in-law. The oil merchant went home. Vikramaaditya celebrated his marriage to the Princess and the trader's daughter. The celebrations went on for a full month and then he went back to Ujjayinee accompanied by many horses, elephants, chariots etc.

Vikramaaditya Returns to Ujjayinee

When this procession came in Ujjayine, the people got very happy to see Vikramaaditya alive and well. They all welcomed their King and celebrated their King's arrival the whole day. Next day Vikramaaditya's Ministers made the announcement on behalf of the King - "Shani Dev is the greatest of all the planets.  Let no one suffer as I did." Then he built a Shani temple in Ujaayinee and people started worshipping him diligently.



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