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1-Ram Returns to Ayodhyaa

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1-Ram Returns to Ayodhyaa

There is only one day left in Raam's coming to Ayodhyaa. All people of Ayodhyaa are thinking that why Raam has not come yet. Good omen started happening and the people of Ayodhyaa and mothers are very happy to notice them. Bharat is also getting these messages, so he is also very happy. He was thinking, "now it is only one day left and Naath has not come yet. What may be the reason for it. Lakshman is very fortunate that he is with Him. I am proved as cunning and greedy that is why Prabhu did not take me along. And this is right too. If He considers my actions then I will not be able to get Moksh even up to numerous Kalp. But I know that Prabhu doesn't consider His servant's mistakes that is why I believe that I will surely have Prabhu's Darshan."

The then Hanumaan Jee came to him in Braahman form and said - "In whose remembrance you always meditate, the same Shree Raam has come." Bharat got very happy hearing this and asked him - "Who are you Braahman and where have you come from? You have told me very good news." Hanumaan Jee said - "I am the son of Pavan and by species, I am Vaanar. My name is Hanumaan and I am the servant of Shree Raam."

Bharat said - "Hanumaan, I don't have anything to give you in exchange of this good news, because there is nothing like this message in the whole world. But tell me, does Raghunaath ever remember me?" Hanumaan said - "He loves you very much and always remembers you." After that Hanumaan Jee went away to Raam. Raam boarded His Vimaan and headed further.

Bharat Jee went to Ayodhyaa and told everything to Guru Jee. Mothers and city people also got this news and got very happy. Whoever was in whatever condition he rushes to see Raam and asks other, "Have you seen Raam"? Bharat Jee went to welcome Shree Raam along with Vashishth Jee, Shatrughn and family. Many women are standing on their roofs and looking at Vimaan and singing songs.

Raam shows Ayodhyaa to Vaanar and says - "This is Ayodhyaa. Although my Vaikunth is famous in Ved Puraan, but I like Avadh Puree more than that. This is my birth place There is Saryoo River in the north of this city." When Raam saw so many people coming for His welcome then asked Vimaan to land outside the city. After they landed, Shree Raam sent the Vimaan back to Kuber.

All people of Ayodhyaa came with Bharat. They are all weak in the grief of Raam's separation.

Shree Raam first bowed to Braahman, then Bharat Jee fell on Raam's feet. Bharat is prostrating to Shree Raam and doesn't get up out of affection. Raam lifted him up and hugged him dearly. He asked his welfare but Bharat is unable to say a word because of the excess of joy. Then Raam met Shatrughn. Lakshman met Bharat, Shatrughn touched Seetaa Jee's feet. Prabhu found many people to meet Him, so He appeared in multiple bodies and met everybody together in one moment. Nobody knew this secret.

Raam headed towards the palace. Mothers came and met them as cows meet their calves in the evening. Kaikeyee was very embarrassed to see Raam. Lakshman Jee met Kaikeyee several times but his anger doesn't go away. Seetaa Jee met Her all mothers-in-law. All mothers are just looking at Raam's face that how did He kill Lankaapati Raavan. These two children are very tender and Raakshas are very mighty and powerful warriors.

Vibheeshan, Sugreev, Nal, Neel, Jaambvaan, Angad and Hanumaan had changed their form into human beings. Raam called them and asked them to touch Guru's feet. He told them that because of Guru's blessings Raavan was killed. He said to Guru Jee - "These are my friends. They fought for me in the war. They are dearer to me than Bharat."

Ayodhyaa was decorated in various ways and people celebrated this occasion in various ways. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Bhavaanee, Prabhu knew that Kaikeyee was feeling embarrassed meeting Him that is why He went to her palace first, then He went to His own palace.



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