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In Tulasee's Maanas, Tulasee Daas Jee mentions this at many places that Raam listened to Ved and Puraan; and not only Raam but some others also. As it is clear that Ved Vyaas Jee divided Ved in 4 parts, wrote Mahaabhaarat, Puraan etc, I have a query that how Raam listened to Puraan in Tretaa Yug, because they were not yet created then? I am asking this because Tulasee mentions this several times, not only once, as one time may be a mistake, but tyhe mistake cannot be committed more than once. So what are the times of Puraan writing? Who wrote Puraan and when?

Puraan mentioned in Maanas do not imply the Puraan as we know them today; which were compiled by Maharshi Ved Vyaas Jee in Dwaapar Yug, but when it is said that Raam and other people listened to Puraan it implies implicitly "Pauraanik Kathaa" which were very much prevalent in Tretaa Yug also as is evident from Vaalmeeki Raamaayan itself.

In Uttar Kaand, there are many incidents of Raam narrating certain Pauranik Kathaa to His brothers as also to Sage Agastya narrating other Pauraanik Kathaa.
[by Deepak Tiwari, Valmiki and Kamban Ramayan Group]

Raam spent almost 12 years in Dandak Van. Its lots of signs have been found in Chhattees Garh district of Bundelkhand, in MP. He passed through 7 districts of MP - Pannaa, Satanaa, Jabalpur, Shahadol, Bilaaspur, Raayapur and Bastar.


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