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8-Other Variations of MBH

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8-Other Variations of MBH

Gemini's   "Ashwamedh Parv"
Read also   Ashwamedh Parv-Variations;   
Outline;      Notes Here

It is said that Vyaas taught the theme of the Mahaabhaarat to his five students. They were Vaishampaayan, Pail, Sumantu, Shuk Dev and Jaimini. They all promulgated the Mahaabhaarat in their own separate ways. The Mahaabhaarat that we are familiar with, is the work of Vaishampaayan. No other version of the text remains with us today. However, in a footnote by Bruce M. Sullivan in his work "The Seer of the Fifth Ved, p 7", we do find a possibility of, not a complete version, but, of only one Parv (the Ashwamedh Parv by Jaimini) at the least being available.

The footnote provided by Sullivan suggests a comparative work on both the Parv (by Vaishampayana and by Jaimini) by RD Karmakar to be there. In that work Karmakar observed that, "as the Paandav were shown in an unfavorable light, it was never published; only the Ashwamedh portion of it has survived". However, no more bibliographic details can be found about the work in the same footnote.

Where are these Jaimini's Ashwamedh Parv or the work by RD Karmakar?

Petteri Koskikallio of the University of Helsinki has been working on Jaimini in this connection. He gave a paper at the "12th World Sanskrit Conference" on 'Jaimini as an epic figure'. I believe some of his work on the topic is published in a recent or forthcoming issue of the journal Indologica Taurinensia, but I haven't seen that yet. His WSC paper may be in the published Epic Panels from that WSC, which are forthcoming from Motilal Banarsidass. [May 2006]

An English summary of Jaimini's Asvamedha is available on the Mahabharata Resources Page on the Variations section, as the first item:
[this site may not work as Geocities has stopped its service]

An English translation of the entire Jaimini Ashwamedh based on the Gita Press Edition has been completed recently by Shri Sekhar Sen of Kolkata (Calcutta). Hopefully Shri Pradip Bhattacharya will be able to tell us more about the current status (regarding the publication) of this work. [Harindranath, May 2006]

Read Jaimini's Ashwamedh Parv Summary Here

Assamese MBH
Assamese Mbh by Rama Sarasvati.

Malayaalam Mahaabhaarat
Chapter 16 of Bharatagatha (pronounced as Bhaarat Gaathaa), (a 15th century Malayalam retelling of Mahabharata having a number of variations from Vyaas' Mahabharata) relates that the Kaurav defeated the brothers of Gaandhaaree including Shakuni and imprisoned them. The imprisoned kings gave their food to Shakuni and kept him alive. The kings asked Shakuni to take revenge on Kaurav. The dice were made out of the bones of the dead Gaandhaa kings. It is quite interesting to note that a somewhat similar tradition is in Bengal as well]. The chapter wise summary of Bharatagatha is given under variations in Mahabharata resources at

Persian Mahaabhaarat
Razamnama books available at internet archive.
So far Viraat, Udyog, Bheeshm and Anushaasan Parv are available.
Naval Kishore appears to be the person who has uploaded these files.
The front page of Anushaasan Parv says - (No author listed)
Mahabharat-i Farsi Lakhnau, [between 1880-1910?]
We are looking for a Persian scholar to decipher them.
Follow the link  to download the books."

P Lal
(1) An accurate prose version for readers who don't have the high poetic taste -- condensation, provides this beautifully.
(2) A poetic transcreation also, which can bring out the essence of Vyaas' poetry in contemporary English to give a feel of how the Epic would have been written had Vyaas known 21st century English.--for 16 Parv - remaking 2 are Moksh Dharm and Anushaasan.


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