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7-Javanese Version

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7-MBH in Javanese Version

Some differences in Javanese Mahaabhaarat are:

(1) Draupadee is the wife of Yudhishthir only.

(2) Shikandee is a woman, daughter of Drupad, and later become the wife of Arjun.

(3) It was Bheem who won Draupadee at Swayamvar, not through archery but by duel with Paanchaal's greatest warrior Gandamana. The one who can beat him have Draupadi as his wife. But at that time Bheem was already married to Hidimbi, so he gave Draupadee to his elder brother.

(3) Jayadrath himself killed Abhimanyu, who was already heavily injured by other Kaurav.

(4) Karn and Paandav knew that they were brothers, even before the war.

(5) It was Arjun, not Nakul, who was the most handsome man at that time.

(6) Draupadee and Yudhishthir had only one son, Panchawala. He was killed by Ashwatthaamaa the same way with the original 5 sons of Draupadee, while sleeping in his bedroom after the war ended.

(7) Ghatotkach looked like normal human being, not "Raakshas".

(8) Ashwatthaamaa died in this version. Baby Pareekshit accidentally kicked an arrow that his grandpa put near his leg, while Ashwatthaamaa hid below his bed in order to kill Pareekshit.

(9) Draupadee was fair, while Subhadra was dark in complexion.

(10) Krishn is older than Yudhishthir, while in the original version He's of the same age as Arjun.

(11) Javanese Gaandhaaree was an evil woman, she hated Paandav very much.

(12) Drone also took part in plotting against Paandav with Shakuni.
But Karn is clean. He didn't agree with Shakuni's every plan, he and the other Hastinaapur's elders like Bheeshm and Vidur did not attend the game of dice.

(13) There's a longer story about Eklavya, where Arjun almost raped his wife.

(14) Arjun was killed in a duel with Eklavya, but Krishn brought him back to life.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/9/02
Updated on 12/01/12