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3-MBH Related Sites

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3-Mahaabhaarat Related Sites

1. For an alternative version of Vishwaamitra's life and times.
K. M. Munshi's "Parasurama"

2. Winning Strategy in MBH
[Pradip Bhattacharya - 9/25/07]

3. A Completely Irrelevant History of Achilles' Heel and Duryodhan's Thigh...
Have you always wondered about what Achilles had to do with heels?
And what Duryodhana had to do with thighs? Well, mostly their mothers were to blame

4. For Patriline genealogy in MBH

5. For Dating of MBH War

6. Sri Aurobindo's Bhagavad Geetaa
in one paraphrased file online

7. African Names Dictionary
This document gives many Hindi and Sanskrit words and names, it is hard to believe that they belong to Africa

8. Mahaabhaarat Articles

9. Mahaabhaarat Resources Page

10. Mahaabhaarat Nouns occurrence in MBH
This site gives many nouns occurrence in the MBH.
By the way this has already been done very systematically by Madhushrava Dasgupta in her MBH companion (Sahitya Samsad, Calcutta) and earlier by SN Pradhan in his book on Puranic Genealogy (Calcutta University)

11. here is an interesting mixture of astrological facts and facts from Mahaabhaarat -

12. One may access the Mr Manzo's podcast website




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