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2-General Sites About MBH

Many Articles Related to MBH are on  site  -  go to this site, and click Hinduism. A list of many articles will appear. You may choose you like to read, some of them are given here --

1. Why Draupadi is Sachi-Indrani? – by Indrajit Bandhopadhyaya

2. Saagar Manthan

3. Shekhar Sen's review of the Kathaa published so far can be seen at     and

4. Krishn's Death - by Satya Chaitanya
Devi Purana: Krishna’s Death and Sati by the Pandavas

5. Mahabharata - Rational reading in the light of Kautilya's Arth Shaastra - by Indrajit Bandhyopadhyaya


1. Mahaabhaarat Resources Page - for MBH resources - This site contains an amazing amount of material they have at the site! It is easily the richest site on both the Mahaabhaarat and the Harivansh online. One must visit this site as they keep adding material to the site constantly.

2. For Patriline genealogy in MBH
http://www.soas. departments/religions/research/epicconstructions/publications/patriline/40264.pdf

3. Here is an interesting mixture of astrological facts and facts from Mahaabhaarat -

4. One may access the Mr Manzo's podcast website

5. Mahaabhaarat Nouns occurrence in MBH
This site gives many nouns occurrence in the MBH.
By the way this has already been done very systematically by Madhushrava Dasgupta in her MBH companion (Sahitya Samsad, Calcutta) and earlier by SN Pradhan in his book on Puranic Genealogy (Calcutta University)

6. Working on the birds and beasts in Mahabharata?   -  read it minus Buddhistic layer Book in DLI, besides many others, which may help reading: "Indian Scientific Nomenclature of Birds of India Burma and Ceylon Vol XX..."
by Raghu Vira, Unknown. Sanskrit, 1949. 632 pgs.

7. African Names Dictionary
This document gives many Hindi and Sanskrit words and names, it is hard to believe that they belong to Africa

8. Webpage about international information about Naag or serpents etc:

9. Celestial observation with reference to Krishn

10. See some articles related to MBH here

11. Plays and Performances That Include the Lesser Known Characters or Episodes
Check the resources page if you follow the links to variations on the epic. Also the two bibliographies by P Lal and Pradip Bhattacharya.

12. Bhasa's Karnabharam Play - synopsis htm

13. Urubhangam - nice synopsis

14. Excellent information on Kattaikkuttu - excellent synopsis of all -

15. Dinkar Joshi's site - many insights in both the epics

16. A Book on Mahaabhaarat
http://www.macalest rome%20india% 20readings/ Laine%20% 27Visions% 20of%20God% 27.pdf


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