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Story of Raaja Sagar

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Story of Raajaa Sagar
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Raajaa Harishchandra was the son of Satyavrat or popularly known as Trishanku in Soorya Vansh and was the king of Ayodhyaa. Harishchandra's son was Rohit. Rohit's son was Harit. Harit's son was Champ who habited Champaa Puree. Champ's son was Sudev, his son was Vijaya, his son was Bharuk, his son was Vrik and Vrik's son was Baahuk. Enemies took the kingdom from Baahuk, so he went to forest with his wife. When he got old there and died then his wife also wanted to be Satee with him, but Maharshi Aurv knew that she was pregnant, so he stopped her from being Satee. When Baahuk's other wives came to know about this, they gave her "Gar" (poison) with food but it did not affect the child, rather the child was born with "Gar" that is why he was named as Sagar (read the story of Sagar here) (Sa-Gar means with poison).

Raajaa Sagar became a Chakravartee Samraat. At the order of his Guru Aurv Sagar did not kill Taaljangh, Yavan, Shak, Haihaya and Barbar communities, but he deformed them - some of them were asked to shave their heads, some of them were asked to grow mustache and beard, some were asked to keep their hair untied, some of them were asked to shave their head in half. After this Sagar did Ashwamedh Yagya. Indra stole the horse of his Yagya. At that time his wife Sumati's sons looked for that horse on the surface of the whole Earth but could not find it, so they started digging out the Earth. Then they found it in Kapil Muni's Aashram tied with a tree. (Indra tied it there). Seeing that horse there all princes cried - "This is the thief of our horse, and now he is sitting his eyes closed. He is a sinner, kill him, kill him." At the same time Kapil Jee opened His eyes and Raajaa Sagar's all 60,000 sons were burnt immediately.

Sagar's another wife was Keshinee. She had a son named Asmanjas and his son was Anshumaan. Anshumaan was very obedient to his grandfather Sagar. Asmanjas was a Yogee in his previous life and he still remembered his previous life, therefore he used to do such Karm that showed him insane, for example he used to throw playing children in Sarayoo River. Thus he made people tired of himself. So Raajaa Sagar exiled him. Later he gave life to the children whom he threw in the river. When people saw their children back in their houses they got very surprised and Sagar repented for his act.

When Raajaa Sagar's 60,000 sons did not come back, he sent his grandson Anshumaan in search of the horse. He followed the path of his uncles and reached in Kapil Muni's Aashram and saw the bones and ash of his uncles' bodies. He bowed to Kapil Muni and prayed to Him - "Since you are beyond the birth of Brahmaa Jee, therefore Rishi and Maharshi also cannot know you - we stand nowhere. Who live in this world are made up of Sat, Raj and Tam Gun. They are all confused with your Maayaa. Since they are extrovert, they can see outside things, but not the inside ones. How I can meditate you because I have no wisdom to do that. You have no name, no form, you are Omnipresent Soul. To deliver the knowledge you have taken this form. We greet you."

When Anshumaan prayed thus, Kapil Jee got very pleased with him and said - "My son, This horse is your grandfather's Yagya animal. Take it. Your dead uncles will get good Gati only when Gangaa Jal will touch their ash." Anshumaan circumambulated Him with a great devotion and brought the horse back and completed the Yagya. Then Raajaa Sagar handed over his kingdom to Anshumaan and left the body."

End of the Story of Sagar


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