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Taken From  From MBH   MBH, G-4-Van/36

On Naarad's advice Paandav had set some rules among themselves about their family life. Among many other rules, One rule was that if one brother will be with Draupadee in a room, no other brother will go there. And if any other brother will go there he will have to have to go forest for 12 years. Under the same rule once Arjun broke this rule, so he set off for forest along with some Braahman. First he went to Gangotree, the source of holy River Gangaa and then they decided to visit many hole places of Bhaarat. Wherever they went, they did Yagya, gave donations, and did many other Punya acts.

Once he went to take bath in Gangaa River before starting a Yagya. He took bath there but when he wanted to come out he could not move his foot at all. He shouted for help and some Braahman came to his help, but as they reached there, he was already gone. He could not be seen anywhere. Somebody dragged his foot and took him to a beautiful palace. There was a woman who was watching him standing invisible from his eyes. He saw a Yagya Vedeee also there. He got happy to see it and started doing Yagya.

When he had finished his Yagya, he found a beautiful damsel in front of him. He asked - "Who are you?" "I am Uloopee. I am the daughter of Naag Raaj Kauravya and you are in the underwater city of Naag." "But why have you brought me here?" "I love you and I want to marry you." Arjun replied - "It is not possible as I am in exile." Uloopee said - "It is the duty of a prince that he should relieve his people in distress, so you also relieve me from distress. If you will not marry me I will die." "But my sacrifice at Gangotree is still incomplete." "Do not worry, I will take you there tomorrow, but you stay with me today." So Arjun stayed with Uloopee and assured her that he would stay there for that night. Uloopee served him very well throughout the night.

Next morning Uloopee said to Arjun - "Come I will take you to Gangotree as I have promised. You have saved my life, I am so grateful to you." She took him to the spot where she had picked him. As Arjun forwarded to the shore, she thought that he would forget her. As Arjun stepped out of the river, he did not see Uloopee, he thought where she had gone? he was a little sad that a Braahman who came with him came to receive him and asked him - "Where were you Arjun?" Arjun told him the whole account and completed the Yagya.

Arjun left behind the Braahman there and proceeded towards East. He came to Manipur and found a palace. He entered the palace and found a beautiful maiden in front of him. He once thought, was she Uloopee? But she was not Uloopee, so he asked her - "Who are you O young maiden?" I am Chitraangadaa, the daughter of the King of Manipur." And she turned her face. Arjun thought let me go and see the King. So he went to see the king and expressed his desire to marry his daughter. The King asked - "Who are you, O valiant prince?" "I am Arjun, the son of Paandu." "Oh, You are Paandu's son? You may marry my daughter, but there is a problem. She is my only daughter. Her son will be the successor of this kingdom." Arjun agreed and he married Chitraangadaa and stayed there. A son was born to them, they named him Babhruvaahan. When Babhruvaahan became a year old, Arjun left the country.

[This portion is taken from Amar Chitra Kathaa Book Uloopee]
In the meantime Uloopee continued to be drowned in Arjun's thoughts. She thought, "If Arjun does not love me, no problem,  but I can spend time with Chitraangadaa and Babhruvaahan whom he loves." So she changed her form in a beautiful maiden and went to Chitraangadaa. Chitraangadaa asked her - "Who are you?" "I am Uloopee, the daughter of Naag Raaj Kauravya - your co-wife." She met Babhruvaahan also. Later she said - "Now I would like to go but I will be visiting him often." As promised to Chitraangadaa she came to see Babhru regularly. She taught him the art of concentration, she told him the stories of Arjun and thus the prince grew up with time, and became the King of Manipur after his grandfather's death. Babhruvaahan was very much impressed by Uloopee. He used to ask her how was his ather? Uloopee told him that his father and uncles had lost their kingdom to their cousins, in a dice game, and now there were living in a forest. One day she told him that they were preparing for a great battle.

On the 10th day Arjun shot arrows at Bheeshm from behind Shikhandee and felled Bheeshm. Many Devtaa, even Vasu (Bheeshm's brothers) were watching the battle from sky. When they saw this they thought that Arjun has not done this good, so he should be punished. They went to Gangaa and said to her - "Arjun has sinned by killing Bheeshm like this, he should go to Hell after he dies." "So be it." Uloopee heard this dialog and got worried. She loved Arjun very much, so she went to her father Kayravya and told him the whole story. Kaurvya assured her that he will do something for her. He went to Vasu and pleased them. Vasu asked him to ask or a boon. Kauravya said - "Let the curse on Arjun be lifted." They said - "This curse can be lifted only when Arjun will be killed in battle by his son Babhruvaahan." Kauravya told this to his daughter. She had made up her mind that when the battle between them will be ensued, she would be there to help Arjun.

After a while, Paandav won the battle, Yudhhishthir was crowned the King and he performed an Ashwamedh Yagya. The sacrificial horse was released to wander around and happened to come to Manipur country. Arjun was happy as he knew that his son was the king of that country and he would fight with him like he himself, but to his surprise he came to welcome him. Arjun said - "This is not proper to you, you should fight with me." Babhruvaahan got surprised to hear this, he said - "How can I fight with my own father?" Just then Uloopee came there and ordered Babhru to fight with Arjun telling that it was his duty to fight with Arjun. So he seized the horse and came to the battlefield prepared for a fight. Both fought bravely. Arjun killed Babhru's horses, so he started fighting on foot. Once Arjun shot an arrow in the heart of Arjun and Arjun dropped dead on the ground. At the same moment Babhru also got unconscious.

Uloopee was watching all this unperturbed. As Arjun fell dead, a messenger ran to Chitraangadaa to give this news to her. He said - "Your son has killed your husband and he himself has got unconscious." Chitraangadaa came to the scene immediately and she also got unconscious seeing this. When she came to senses, she saw Uloopee standing peacefully, she asked her - "I know you also love Arjun, but you are not worried at this at all, what is the matter?" Uloopee got quiet, so Chitraangadaa went to Arjun and tried to wake him up. When she could not bring him to life, she came to Uloopee and asked her to help her, but Uloopee stood unmoved. Chitraangadaa threatened her that if she did not bring him alive she would give up her life and sat at Arjun's feet.

Babhru came to his senses and could not tolerate the seen of his father killed and his mother sitting on naked ground near his feet. Then he saw Uloopee standing unmoved. He accused her that what type of heart she had that she was just standing there seeing all this just unmoved. Still Uloopee did not speak a word. Now Babhruvaahan started fieing himself - "I am a great sinner that I have killed my father." he went to his mother and said to her - "Mother, If my father doesn't come back to life, I will follow him." and he also sat near his dead father.

Uloopee was watching all of them sitting near Arjun's dead body. She thought this was the right time that she should do something. So she thought about the gem Naag wear on their head, it could revive people. The gem came in her hands. She went to Babhruvaahan and said to him - "Stand up my son, your father has died at your hands to do your good only. He was cursed by Vasu to go to Hell, and this curse was to be lifted only when you had killed your father. Since you have killed your father that curse is lifted. Now you take this Naag Mani and place it on the wound of your father. He will come back to life as before."

Babhruvaahan got very happy to hear this. He took the Mani from Uloopee's hand and placed on the chest of Arjun. Arjun woke up as if he has woken up from a long sleep. He found his son looking at him in wonder. Arjun embraced his son saying that he was proud of him seeing his valor. Then Arjun saw Uloopee and Chtraangadaa there, he asked Babhruvaahan as what were his mothers doing in the battlefield. He said - "Mother Uloopee will tell you everything." and Uloopee told then everything about curse to Arjun. Arjun was very grateful to Uloopee as she had saved his life.


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