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MBH-Quiz-3 (General)

Who and who were able to converse with gods in MBH?
--Yudhishthir conversed with his father Dharm Raaj and Kuber.
--Bheem conversed with his elder brother Hanumaan.
--Arjun conversed with his father Indra and Shiv.
--Karn conversed with his father Soorya and Indra.
--Kuntee and Maadree had children from Soorya, Dharm Raaj, Pavan Dev, Indra, and Ashwinee Kumaar.
--Jayadrath and Ashwatthaamaa pleased Shiv to get boons from him.

Who established these cities?
--Hastinaapur - Hastee. Dushyant's son was Bharat, Bharat's son was Bhumanyu, Bhumanyu's son was Suhotra, and Suhotra's son was Hastee.
[MBH, G-1-Beginning/2]
--Indraprasth - Yudhishthir. When the kingdom of Hastinaapur was distributed after Baaranaavat incident, Yudhihthir got the land ... and he inhabited the city Indraprasth there as the capital of his kingdom.

Who married Tapatee - Soorya's daughter?
Samvaran married wife Tapatee (daughter of Vivaswat) and had the son Kuru from her. Hastee's son was Vikunthan, Vikunthan's son was Ajameedh and Ajameedh's son was Samvaran.
[MBH, G-1-Beginning/2]

Who and who were born wearing earrings?
Skand, Maruts and Karn - all three were born wearing earrings. Indra makes one celestial the General of celestials (Skand); attempts to destroy the other one (Maruts) in the womb of Diti, and killed the third one (Karn) by asking his Kavach and Kundal in alms.

What was the capital of Paanchaal Desh?
(1) Dwaarakaa
(2) Matsya
(3) Kaampilya*
(4) Magadh

Who built the Lac palace for Paandav?
(1) Shakuni
(2) Duryodhan
(3) Purochan*
(4) Maya Daanav

What was the weapon of Balaraam Jee?
(1) Spear
(2) Mace
(3) Plough*
(4) Sword

Who was bestowed the Divine vision to narrate the MBH war to Dhritraashtra?
(1) Vidur
(2) Sanjaya*
(3) Kripaachaarya
(4) None of the above

Who revealed the fact the Kans was not the son of Ugrasen?
Naarad Jee

Who was Kans in his previous birth?
Sage Naarad Jee told Kans that he was an Asur by name Kaalnemi and was killed by Vishnu.
[Then why did he have to take birth again on Prithvi? Didn't he get Salvation after being killed By Vishnu?]




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