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All Advice Yudhishthir-5

Yudhishthir asked - "How Srinjaya's son became Swarnishthivi (whose excreta is of gold)? Why Paravt gave that child? and why did he die in his infancy when in those time people lived for thousand years?" Krishn said - "I tell you all this. There are two Rishi - Parvat and Naarad. Naarad is maternal uncle of Parvat, Parvat is his sister's son. Once both descended on Prithvi to taste Ghee (clarified butter) and rice. Both wandered on Prithvi subsisted on the food taken by human beings. Both had a pact that whatever, good or bad, one will experience will be disclosed to the other one; but on that event if one will act otherwise - he should be subject to the other's curse.

Agreeing on this pact they came to the king Srinjaya - the son of Sitya, and said - "We two wish to stay with you for a few days for your good, take care of our needs." King himself took this responsibility and started serving them. After a while the king introduced his daughter Sukumaaree to them and said that she would take care of them. Her beauty and selfless service attracted Naarad towards her. Because of shame he could not disclose this to his nephew Parvat. But Parvat knew all about this by his powers. He got angry at this and resolved to curse Naarad. He said to him - "You have violated the rule, that is why I curse you. You are a Brahmchaaree and my preceptor, you are a Tapaswee and a Braahman, still you broke the pact so I curse you, This Sukumaaree will definitely be your wife, but from the time of your marriage to her, she and other men will see you as an ape. Your true features will disappear and an ape's feature will appear on you."

Hearing his nephew Naarad also cursed him - "Although you have been a great ascetic, Truth speaker and self-resistant, you will not go to Heaven." Thus both cursed each other. Since then Parvat began to wander over the Earth and Naarad married Srinjaya's daughter Sukumaaree. But as the last Mantra of marriage was read, Sukumaaree saw Naarad's face as an ape's face, still she did not disregard her husband, rather she got dedicated to him. One day when Parvat was wandering, he saw Naarad in a lonely forest. He greeted him and asked his forgiveness and permission to go to Heaven.

Since both were not happy with their situations, Naarad Jee said - "You cursed me first by saying "you be an ape". At this I cursed you "from this day you will not live in Heaven". This was not good for you because you are like a son to me". Both saints freed each other from their curses. When Sukumaaree saw the celestial beauty in Naarad, she took him somebody else and fled away from him. Seeing her running away from Naarad, Parvat said to her - "He is your husband, don't run away. He is Rishi Naarad. Do not have any doubt." She calmed down and came back to Naarad. Parvat went to Heaven and Naarad went to his home."

Vaasudev continued - "Rishi Naarad who himself is an actor, is here, ask him yourself, what happened afterwards?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Yudhishthir asked Naarad Jee to tell him the further events. Naarad Jee said - "What Keshav has told you is all correct, now I tell you the remaining story. Once Parvat and myself came to reside with Srinjaya. After the rainy season had gone, at the time of our departure came, Parvat said to me - "We have lived here duly honored, give something to him. Either fulfill his wish or give him boon for success." So Parvat called him and said - "We are very much satisfied with your services so ask anything which does not envy Devtaa or destroy mankind." At this Sanjaya said - "I want a son who is very powerful, firm in his vows, has long life, highly blessed and should possess the grace like Indra. The son shall be known by Suvarnshthivi. Take care that he should always be protected from Indra." At this Parvat said - "So be it, but the child will not live long because your wish is prevailing over Indra. His name will be Suvarnshthivi." Srinjaya said - "Please let my son be long-lived with your ascetic merits." Parvat did not reply him because he was partial to Indra, then I said - " Think of me whenever you need me. Do not grieve, I will gave your son back to you even if he is dead." After saying this o Srinjaya we left for wherever we wished and Srinjaya also left for his palace as he pleased.

The child was growing up as a fine handsome boy and became known to others soon according to his name. Indra got feared so he asked Thunder to slay the prince by appearing in a tiger form and eating him. Once the prince, of five years of age, was roaming around on the banks of Gangaa River, that he came across a tiger. The tiger attacked him and he fell dead immediately. The tiger ran away, prince's nurses cried loudly and the king came there rushing. As he saw his son dead, he starting lamenting for him piteously. Remembering my words he remembered me and I appeared before him. I told him many stories of death, as Krishn has already told you. Then I gave him life with the permission of Indra. Whatever is the Destiny must occur. It is impossible that it should be otherwise. After the king he became the king and ruled for 1,100 years. You also dispel your grief, as Keshav has advised you, as Vyaas has advised you, get up and take care of your kingdom."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing all this Yudhishthir got silent, then Vyaas Jee spoke again - "Follow your ancestors. Braahman's duty is to do Tap; a Kshatriya's duty is to protect his people, all people of sinful nature should be treated well. The king who does not do this attaches to sin." Yudhishthir said - "You say all right, everything related to morality and duties is known to you. I have slain many people just because of kingdom, that is what is burning me."

Vyaas Jee asked him - "Tell me, O Yudhishthir, the Supreme Being is doer or the human being? Everything we enjoy or suffer is the result of chance or actions? If a man does all acts, good or bad, inspired by Hari then its fruits should also be attached to Hari? If a person cuts own a tree by axe, then the sin to cut the tree is attached to the man (animate tool) not to the axe (inanimate tool). If you think that one person bears the consequences of acts done by others then you should throw all responsibilities on Supreme Being; if you think that man himself is responsible for all his acts, virtuous or sinful and there is no Supreme Being, then also you will not suffer for that what you have done;  no one can change his Destiny, so if the Destiny is the result of one's previous actions, then also no sin is attached to one in this life; if you think that this is only chance that acts in the world, then this type of destruction could never happen, nor will it ever happen. If you want to judge what is good and what is bad, then read the scriptures, it is written in them that a Kshatriya should have the rod to punish the sinful. One sinful act is born from another, so avoid all sinful acts and do your duty. If you do not do your duty, you will repent it."

Yudhishthir said - "All my relatives, friends, many kings have died in this war, and they have died only because of me. What have I attained after killing them? I am burning with grief, suggest me what should I do?" Vyaas Jee said - "Remembering a Kshatriya's duties, you should not grieve for this. All those people have died under the influence of Time. You have not killed them. Time doesn't favor anybody, He witnesses everybody's acts. This was only an occasion to kill so many people. As a weapon is controlled by its handler, this Universe, controlled by actions in Time, moves as those actions move it. These births and deaths take place without any cause so any grief or joy for them is useless. Although this is only delusion to the mind, but if you please do the rites to purify yourself.

Once Devtaa and Asur, Devtaa were younger and Asur were elder brothers, fought for 32,000 years to take charge of Heaven. Devtaa killed Daitya and possessed the Heaven. Some Braahman, numbering in 88,000 and known as Shaalvrik, helped Asur in this fight. All were killed by Devtaa. If by slaying a single person, a family can be saved; if by slaying a single family a kingdom can be saved; then this act is not called sin. In such cases Sin becomes virtue and virtue becomes sin. Men like yourself never go to Hell. Perform Ashwamedh Yagya and you will be free from sins. Indra killed Paak with the help of Marut Gan, did hundred sacrifices and became Shatkratu and free of any kind of sin. You have won this kingdom through our power. Behave with kindness and love with the children of dead, install the daughter of those who have no sons. Women are fond of pleasure and power, make them happy in this way. By doing your own duties you will obtain happiness."

Yudhishthir said - "By doing what acts one gets Mukti (atonement) and gets free from sins, O grandsire?" Vyaas Jee said - "By doing prescribed acts and by not doing prohibited acts a person gets Mukti." The Vyaas Jee described the acts which do not incur sins. [see Shaanti Parv, 34-35] Then he described the acts which are liable to wash the sins, such as taking one meal a day that also collected without anybody's assistance by becoming Brahmchaaree and always ready for exertion for full 12 years one can cleanse himself from sin of killing Braahman. By taking scantiest meal for six years or by observing harder rules about meals one can be cleansed in three years. Persons like you do not take heed the sins that women commit in their hearts. A plate in which a Shoodra has taken the food can be cleaned by ten purifying substances. [see Shaanti Parv, 36 for details] After describing them he said - "The means I have described to you, you may cleanse yourself from all sins, but do not give your life for this grief, it is not proper for a wise man like you."


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